World's Tallest Dog Ever

Great Dane and small friend

Some breeds of dogs are taller than others, but have you ever wondered which one holds the record for the world's tallest dog ever?

The Great Dane

Not surprisingly, the tallest dogs on record are Great Danes. This breed may well be the world's largest lap dog. The males average 30 inches or more at the shoulder and weigh up to 120 pounds. They are a lean dog with a rectangular head and very short coat.

Although the breed is large, Great Danes are known for their gentleness and devotion to their families. They literally will sit on your lap, snuggle with you in bed until you fall off the edge or take over your favorite chair. If you have ever enjoyed the comic strip Marmaduke, you have been entertained by one of these lovable giant dogs.

Each of the following record holders is a Great Dane.

Shamgret Danzas

Shamgret Danzas was once the tallest dog on record. This Great Dane weighed 238 pounds and stood 41.5 inches tall at the shoulder.


Although Gibson died of bone cancer, he had a long run as the tallest dog in the world. He was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2004. He stood 42.2 inches tall at the shoulder and weighed 170 pounds.


Titan held the record for the tallest dog in 2009 until George took the title away from him. Titan weighed 190 pounds and stood 42.25 inches from floor to shoulder. He was blind, deaf and had multiple health problems.

Giant George, Currently the World's Tallest Dog Ever

Currently, the record holder for the world's tallest dog ever is Giant George, another Great Dane. The Guinness Book of World Records sent an examiner in early 2010 to check the measurements of this dog. The examiner found that George was seven feet and three inches long from his head to the tip of his tail, and he weighs a whopping 245 pounds. George is 43 inches tall at the shoulder. This was verified by an official of Guinness World Records.

If you are interested in some facts about George, consider the following:

  • George eats over 110 pounds of food every month.
  • He has to bend over to drink from the kitchen faucet.
  • George has his own queen size bed.
  • He sits in a chair like a human would; he is too big to curl up.

Tallest Dog Breeds

The Great Dane is by no means the only tall breed of dog. In fact, as a general rule, the Irish Wolfhound is taller than the average Great Dane. Here are some other very tall dog breeds:

  • Anatolian Shepherds are a Turkish breed that weighs up to 150 pounds. They are about 30 inches tall at the shoulder.
  • Borzoi resemble long haired Greyhounds. They are usually lean and weigh only about 100 pounds, but they may grow up to 28 inches tall.
  • English Mastiffs may weigh over 200 pounds, but they usually only reach 30 inches or so at the shoulder.
  • Irish wolfhound averages about 31 to 34 inches at the shoulder and weigh up to 180 pounds.
  • Saint Bernards are huge dogs that weigh from 160 to 240 pounds and stand up to 35 inches tall.
  • Scottish Deerhounds look something like an Irish Wolfhound with a shorter coat. They may weigh up to 110 pounds and measure 32 inches at the shoulder.

Health Problems of Tall Dogs

Many of the world's tallest dogs have health problems. Due to the size of their frames and the stress on their joints, tall dogs often have issues like:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Arthritis

Larger dogs also tend to have a shorter lifespan. The average Great Dane, for example, has a lifespan of seven to ten years. Compare that to smaller dogs that may live 15 years or longer. However, large dog lovers are willing to accept this fact and try to make the most of their time with the breeds they adore.

World's Tallest Dog Ever