What's Wrong With My Dog?

sick puppy

A sudden downturn in a dog's health can leave an owner feeling quite helpless and searching for answers to all kinds of dog health questions. When your canine companion isn't feeling one hundred percent, study the symptoms to help figure out what's wrong with your dog.

Help Diagnose Your Dog

Nothing takes the place of a good vet, but if you find that your dog becomes ill during emergency hours, or you're wondering what could be wrong, this widget featuring a list of dog symptoms can help. Click on the primary symptom your dog is experiencing. Next, you'll get a list of secondary symptoms to choose from. Once you get to the secondary list, you can click on your dog's next most prominent symptom to get a list of possible causes.

Visit the Vet for Answers

While an expert online can offer opinions, only a veterinarian who examines your dog in person can positively identify what's wrong with your dog. No published list of dog symptoms can cover every type of dog health problem or issue, nor can it provide a definitive diagnosis. If your pet becomes sick, aggressive or acts abnormally, you should seek medical attention immediately and follow your vet's instructions for treating your sick dog.

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What's Wrong With My Dog?