Stud Dog's Family Role

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Most people understand the bitch's role in raising her pups, but what is the stud dog's family role? Does he have a place in this new canine family once the breeding has been accomplished? Find out if he has any part in raising his puppies.

What Is the Stud Dog's Family Role?


I am planning on breeding my dogs. I was wondering how the male dog may react during the pregnancy, and how he would react to the puppies? Also, how old should the puppies be before the male can come in contact with them?

Expert Reply

Hi Samantha,

Most males will continue to behave normally around a pregnant bitch once her season subsides. Others become extremely interested in the bitch's rear quarter and seem to be attuned to the scent of the hormones.

You will have to observe both of your dogs' behavior to see if you can continue to let them live together as usual during the pregnancy. If need be, you can confine the dogs on a rotating basis so each has personal time and attention with you, as well as some exercise.

In any case, I'd keep the male away from your bitch as much as possible during that final week of pregnancy. Even if they are normally the best of friends, many pregnant bitch's become a little stressed by the close proximity of other dogs. Your male should also not be present for the birth, nor should any other dog you may own.

During whelping, and for the first few weeks afterward, no other dogs should be around the pups. The male should not be introduced to the puppies until the pups are well up on their feet; usually between five and six weeks old is best. Even then, you should closely monitor the situation in case your male becomes too rough with mom or the pups. Keep in mind that the stud isn't expected to help with any of the rearing of the pups. That is your bitch's job, and she will teach the puppies many lessons before it's time for them to go to their new homes.

Thanks for your question, and I hope everything goes well.

~~ Kelly


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Stud Dog's Family Role