Tips to Stop Dogs From Soiling the Patio

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What can this owner do about her dogs pooping on her patio? The Dog Expert has a few suggestions to stop these naughty dogs from using this space as their personal bathroom and confine the poo scooping to the yard. Maybe you could use these tips too.

How to Stop Dogs from Pooping on the Patio?

I have three Dachshunds that stay outside most of the time. They have a covered patio and a nice insulated dog house. All of a sudden, all three have started pooping on the patio rather than in the nice big yard. How can I make them stop?

~~ Fran

Expert Reply

Hi Fran,

I don't know what inspired the first dog to poop on the patio instead of in the yard, but I'm not surprised everybody else is joining in. The material that makes up your patio floor is likely somewhat porous and has absorbed the scent from your dogs' soiling. This will continue to draw them back.

I think you need to give the patio a good scrub to remove any lingering scent and then apply an appropriate sealer to the surface. This alone will not break their habit of soiling there. We need to make the yard more appealing again.

There is a product called a Pee Post that is infused with pheromones that are supposed attract your dog to that spot to potty. Just stick it in the ground in the spot you want them to use and introduce them to it. Once they start pottying there, they will probably continue.

If all else fails, you may have to build an actual kennel run for the dogs in order to keep them from abusing your patio. You already have the dog house shelter, so you are halfway there already.

Good luck~~ Kelly

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Tips to Stop Dogs From Soiling the Patio