Cute Dog Pictures

Cute Dog Photos Starting With a Chinese Pug

Dogs have a way of communicating with their eyes, letting you know exactly what they're thinking or feeling. Sometimes it's a mischievous look that says, "Uh, oh." Other times, it's a buoyant look that says, "Let's play!" There are even times when you see an unmistakable look of affection that says, "It's time to cuddle." If you want to capture your own cute puppy photos, you'll want to keep your camera out and ready!

Chinese Shar Pei

Cute dogs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, including the Chinese Shar Pei with its distinctive deeply wrinkled skin. After a "ruff" day at work, who wouldn't want to come home to such a gorgeous cuddle monster? Wrinkles just mean there's more to love!

Golden Retriever

As one of the most popular breeds in the United States, the Golden Retriever makes a great family pet. After a long day of playing with the kids and chasing squirrels at the park, even this pup needs a break. The comfort of a treasured soft companion is priceless.

Cute Terrier

From the Lakeland Terrier to the Wire Fox Terrier, dogs that belong to the Terrier Group come from a heritage of digging holes and hunting a variety of vermin. These days, they're likely more inclined to hunt down their favorite stuffies for a well-deserved snuggling session.

Tibetan Terrier

With a thick coat of fur like this, this cute dog will probably need a few extra grooming sessions to get all the loose corn niblets out of there. This perfect backyard companion is perhaps better suited these days to summer barbecues than the harsh climate of the Tibetan Highlands. Corn on the cob! Yum!


A big part of the appeal to having a cute dog like this Beagle as a pet is that these dogs can be like perpetual children. They can be playful and energetic, and they're always living in the moment. They can also misbehave and get themselves in a lot of trouble, but who could possibly stay mad at a face like that?

Shih Tzu

When you consider the Shih Tzu was bred and raised as a cute companion in ancient Chinese palaces, it becomes much more understandable why Princess expects to be treated like royalty. It is one of the most adorable dog breeds around and its normally sunny disposition certainly doesn't hurt either. This one looks like it could use a little extra love, though.

Jack Russell Terriers

If you've ever wondered if Jack Russell Terriers can stop moving for just the briefest of moments, here is proof that the rare "still life" moments do exist. They just happen to be remarkably fleeting and that's why capturing cute pictures of dogs can sometimes be so challenging... but oh so worth it!

As if the cuteness overload of photographs wasn't enough, there are plenty of cute puppy videos online too! Prepare for your heart to melt into a million cuddly pieces.

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Cute Dog Pictures