Cute Dog Pictures

Chinese Pug

These cute dog pictures, like the Pug pictured left, prove dogs have a way of communicating with their eyes. They let you know exactly what they're thinking or feeling. Sometimes it's a mischievous look that says, "Uh-0h". Other times it's a buoyant look that says, "Let's play!" There are even times when you see an unmistakable look of affection that says, "It's time to cuddle". If you want to capture your own cute dog pictures, you'll want to keep your camera out and ready!

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Chinese Shar Pei

Wrinkles make more to love.

Golden Retriever

The comfort of a soft companion is priceless.


Doesn't anyone want to play?

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Tibetan Terrier

Corn on the cob, yum!

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I promise I'll never misbehave.

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Shih Tzu

I'd like my Teddy and blanket too, please.

Jack Russell Terriers

A rare "still life" moment with Jack Russell Terriers.

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Cute Dog Pictures