Christmas Dog Pictures

Christmas Dog Pictures to Share

Christmas dog pictures can fill your heart with holiday spirit. If you're like many dog lovers, you probably have collected a few holiday photos of your own furry friends. Snapshots taken under the Christmas tree or gathering Fido and the entire family in front of the fireplace are always favorites. These pictures wind up in family albums and greeting cards, inspiring fond memories whenever you happen across them. LTK hopes this slideshow of Christmas dog pictures warms your heart as well.

Who Needs Mistletoe?

This enterprising Bully is taking no chance he'll miss out on a holiday smooch this year!

Dashing Through the Snow

This playful Shih Tzu pup is ready for some winter fun.

Three Wise Dogs

Don't you wonder which three gifts these adorable Jack Russells will bring to the holiday season?

The First Noel

Here's a little angel celebrating her very first Christmas.

Santa's Little Helper

This cute little beggar is hoping for something special in his stocking this year.

Santa Claws

How would you like to find this little fellow in your stocking this year.

Gonna Find Out Who's Naughty...

Hopefully this naughty pup won't wind up with a lump of coal this year.

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Christmas Dog Pictures