Beagle Puppy Pictures

Cute Beagle Puppy Pictures

Do you like looking at Beagle puppy pictures? It's no wonder if you do. Beagles enjoy an incredible amount of popularity. They have a lot of personality, love to take part in sporting activities and they're extremely cute, especially as puppies. If you've never encountered this breed before, spending a few moments viewing the Beagle puppy pictures in this slide show may just spark your interest in these dogs.

Posing for a Picture

Beagles were bred to be used on a fox hunt. Original Beagles were smaller and through the centuries they have been bred with larger hunting hounds to become the dog you know today.

Adorable Trio

Most everyone has heard of a Beagle as they have been consistently one of the most popular breeds. Finding puppies to adopt should be a breeze... you may want to get two or even three!

Beagle Pup on Beach Patrol

While the tri-colored version is the most popular, Beagles come in a variety of colors. This small to medium dog can be seen in colors such as tan, black, red, lemon, blue mottle and white.

Professional Puppy Portrait

The Beagle face is most commonly used as a dog in animation. See any resemblance to Snoopy?

In the Field

Beagles are known for their sense of smell. This can be an advantage on the hunt, but not so much for the backyard pup. Beagles get onto a scent and take off!

A Little Mischief

One way to know if a Beagle is a purebred puppy or not is if it has white on its tail. The white was bred in to help the hunters see the dog in the field. If there is no white on the tail, the Beagle is not a purebred.

Sleepy Time

Puppies sleep a lot! Expect a 12 week old Beagle to sleep as much as 18 to 20 hours a day!

Play Ball

If you love quiet, don't get a Beagle. These dogs are strong barkers. In particular, they regularly sing along with other dogs or firetrucks with their loud "bay."

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Beagle Puppy Pictures