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Sick puppy
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Visitor Has a Sick Puppy Question

I am taking care of an eleven-month-old Miniature Pinscher while the owners are staying with friends. This dog didn't have any shots when she arrived, and I insisted that they take her to the vet because I have a sixteen year old Toy Poodle.

During the first few days she seemed to have these wheezing attacks when she was running around, but her owners said that was normal. She also started her first season, and now she seems to be running a fever, lethargic, and not eating.

I know her owners can't afford to pay for a vet if there's nothing wrong. Should I be worried and insist they make an appointment for her?


Expert Reply

Hi Katie,

I need more info. A dog's normal temperature runs around 100-101 degrees F.

  • What is the puppy's rectal temperature?
  • What date did the puppy get her shot?
  • How many days has she gone without eating?
  • Is she drinking any water?
  • Is she still relieving herself when you take her outside?

Sometimes when a dog receives a vaccination it can feel under the weather for a few days. However, if this puppy has been truly lethargic for more than a day, and is not drinking water either, then a trip to the vet is in order.

Thanks for the question,

~~ Kelly

Puppy Has Diarrhea

I have a six-month-old puppy that is half King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and half Shih Tzu. Up to now he has been eating regularly twice a day, but this past week he's only been eating once a day and at odd times. We notice he has also not been as active as he normally is, and he has had diarrhea the past couple of days.

I am wondering if this is something I should be concerned about and take him to the vet, or if this is just part of the growing up phase.

Thank you~~ Bcerdenola

Expert Reply

Hello B.,

Although dropping from two meals a day to one is sometimes a part of maturing, diarrhea is not. It's typically a sign of a digestive upset or a more serious illness.

Is your puppy still drinking normally? This is important since diarrhea can lead to dehydration if it's occurring often. I think your initial instincts are right, and a trip to the vet is in order. Hopefully it's not anything serious, but it's worth letting the vet examine him just in case. Try to scoop up a sample in a zip-loc bag so your vet can analyze it.

My best wishes for your pup's speedy recovery~~ Kelly

Visitor Worries About Constipated Pup

My friend took his puppy out on the road with him, and they have been gone for about a week now. Just yesterday, the dog stopped eating. Today, my friend noticed blood when the puppy tired to have a bowl movement. Can you tell me what is wrong?

~~ Laura

Expert Reply

Hi Laura,

It sounds as though the puppy has become constipated. It may have stopped eating because its tummy hurts, and the bleeding could be from a fissure caused by a stool that is too hard to pass.

Traveling with dogs can be a challenge, and your friend may need to stop and water his puppy more often. In the meantime, it's important to help the pup pass the stool. The best option is to find a vet in the area who can administer an enema, but if this isn't possible, your friend should be able to find a children's enema in any pharmacy. He should be very careful while administering it, and give the puppy plenty of time to empty out before he hits the road again.

Thanks for your question, and I hope your friend finds this suggestion helpful.

~~ Kelly

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Sick Puppy Questions