Screen Doors With a Dog Door

Kelly Roper
A porch with a red screen door

Screen doors with a dog door are a good solution for anyone wanting to offer their pets outside access on a semi-limited basis.

Why Choose Screen Doors with a Dog Door?

Many pet owners enjoy the convenience that having an automatic dog door can bring. Imagine no longer needing to stop what you're doing every time your pet asks to go outside? Instead, your dog can let himself out whenever the need strikes him, and return inside when he's ready.

Dog doors come in many styles including patio dog doors, and units that may be installed in walls and windows, but for many home owners screen doors with a dog door mounted in the bottom are the right answer to their pet's exercising needs.

Why choose screen doors with a dog door over other models? There's more than one reason to consider.

  • Many home owners do not relish the idea of putting a permanent hole in their home's construction. Aside from being difficult to repair the opening if the dog door is ever removed, some models compromise your home's insulation, leaving the area drafty.
  • Security can also be a major concern, since no dog door comes with an ironclad guarantee that unwelcome animals and other intruders won't be able to gain entry to your home. This issue becomes even more pressing anytime owners are traveling away from home for an extended period.

By having a pet door installed as part of a screen door, owners can close their exterior doors, securely blocking in and out access, and sealing the door against drafts. Yes, this does mean that they will occasionally need to let their dog outside themselves when the dog door will not be available, but it's really about making a trade for the convenience they need most at the given time.

Screen Door Options

If you're giving serious consideration to the idea of adding a pet door to your storm door, there are two ways to go.

Door Mount Dog Doors

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to mount certain types of dog doors into the bottom of your existing screen door. This is a good option if your current door is in good shape, and you feel no need to go to the added expense of purchasing an entirely new door. Just be sure your door structure is suited to the style of pet door you wish to install.

Some pet door brands to consider in this situation include:

Screen Doors with Built-In Dog Doors

It is possible to purchase screen doors with pet portals already built into them. This option may prove easier than going to the trouble of cutting a hole in your current screen door, even though you will still have to install the door itself. If your current storm door is in need of replacement, it's further reason to choose this ready-made option.Storm Doors 4Pets offers several models of screen doors with a dog door already installed, and although you should spend time investigating more than one brand in order to be sure of the quality and pricing you're looking for, these doors will give you a very good idea of what's available, as well as what it takes to properly fit and install them.

Where to Buy

Your local home improvement store, or pet supply shop may carry various types of dog doors, allowing you to examine the construction quality first hand. You can also find name brand dog door units at

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Screen Doors With a Dog Door