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Black Schnoodle dog

Schnoodles, a mixed breed of Schnauzer and Poodle, are a smart and affectionate breed. You will typically find Schnoodle rescues in organizations that take Schnauzers or Poodles. Any rescue Schnoodle should be up to date on his shots and spayed or neutered before adoption.

Finding Rescued Schnoodles

Dog rescues often have a strict adoption procedure to ensure the dog will be in a safe environment. The application may ask questions about a potential owner's schedule, ages of children that will be around the dog, personal and veterinary references, and expectations of the new pet. Any adoption fees charged usually help alleviate the veterinary costs acquired by the rescue group.

Coastal Poodle Rescue

P.O. Box 121142
Melbourne, FL 32912

Coastal Poodle Rescue rescues poodles and poodle mix breeds such as Schnoodles, in Melbourne, Florida. The organization places dogs in foster homes until it can identify a potential owner. Also, Coastal Poodle Rescue provides all necessary veterinary care before a dog is placed for adoption, and all dogs are microchipped. Adoption donations range from $150-$400, depending on the dog's age and health status. This rescue only serves Florida residents due to a home visit requirement before an adoption application is approved. Fill out an online profile to get started.

Schnauzer Rescue Cincinnati

5811 Red Fox Drive
Winter Haven, FL 33884

The founder of the Schnauzer Rescue Cincinnati felt it was important that her group take Schnauzer mixes, including Schnoodles, of any age or health status. The no-kill group is based in Ohio but has members that assist with rescue in Alabama, Delaware, Indiana, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas, and West Virginia. You can complete an application here; once completed, a home visit and veterinary reference check will be conducted. Adoption fees change depending on the dog, but usually come in right around $300.

Sitting Schnoodle dog

Carolina Poodle Rescue

6705 Union Highway
Pacolet, SC 29372

Located in South Carolina, the Carolina Poodle Rescue is a no-kill rescue that re-homes poodles, poodle mixes such as Schnoodles, and other small breed dogs. They are big proponents of spay/neuter initiatives in order to help end euthanasia.

Once you have filled out an application, the rescue will contact your veterinarian and references. You may be contacted by email with additional questions. If you pass the veterinary and reference portion, the rescue will assign you one of their adoption counselors, who will conduct a telephone interview with you to make a final decision whether or not to approve your application. Adoption fees range from $125-$400 depending on the dog. Note that this rescue does not adopt to families with children under the age of five in the home to avoid a child roughhousing with the dog and a subsequent dog bite occurring.

Miniature Schnauzers and Friends Rescue

1732 Aviation Blvd #450
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Based in Southern California, Miniature Schnauzers and Friends primarily rescues Miniature Schnauzers but also takes in Schnauzer mixes. Dogs are kept in foster homes or are boarded until a suitable home is found. You must live in the greater Los Angeles area to adopt from this rescue, and a home visit is required. After you have filled out an application, a volunteer will match you with a Schnoodle whose personality traits best suit your interest. Adoption fees range from $250-$300.

Poo Mix Rescue

The Poo Mix Rescue site is a rescue information site run by volunteers that lists rescued Poodle mixed breed dogs from the US and Canada. The site's goal is to help rescue centers and shelters find homes for these dogs by bringing all the listed mixes from around North America to one place.

Petfinder is a network of all kinds of adoptable animals throughout the country. You can search for a specific breed on the site and narrow results down to your area to see what may be available not only at rescues but at local animal shelters as well. Schnoodles are not an official breed listed on the site, so be sure to include both Schnauzer and Poodle under breeds you are seeking so that any Schnoodles available come up in the search.

Adopting a Schnoodle

vetSTREET notes that Schnoodles are known for being very affectionate and highly trainable, with a life span of 13 to 17 years and few health issues. Though Schnoodles are very adaptable, a rescued Schnoodle may need some time to adjust to his new home after adoption. Ease the dog into his new environment and be patient. Feel free to ask the rescue organization for advice on how to help your specific dog adapt to his new home.

Be Patient

Schnoodles are a rare mix of breeds, so if you decide to rescue one, consider that it may take several months before one becomes available for adoption through your selected rescue organization. Contact a rescue as soon as you've decided to adopt a Schnoodle and put your adoption application on file. When one does become available, you'll be one of the first in line for a Schnoodle who is waiting for you to bring him home.

Schnoodle Rescue