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Papillon Dog

If you're searching for an intelligent and energetic dog to become a part of your family, consider Papillon dog adoption. The Papillon is a small, adorable breed of dog with a lot of personality. Papillon dogs are put up for adoption for many reasons, but mostly because their owners are not prepared to make a long-term commitment to their care.

Reasons to Adopt a Papillon

Adoption Saves Lives

When you adopt a Papillon, you are saving a dog's life, especially if it is in an animal shelter. Each year, there are an enormous amount of dogs that are euthanized because nobody is willing to adopt them.

The Goal of Rescue and Adoption

The mission of dog adoption and rescue organizations is to stop the unwanted flow of dogs into shelters where they may eventually euthanize the animals. Many adoption organizations specialize in dog breeds, such as Papillons, and educate, train and assist in placing dogs in homes of qualified pet owners. The adoption organization is made up of experts on the Papillon breed. They will understand the dogs' inborn traits and know what to look for in the mental and physical health of the animal.

Know the Traits of a Papillon

Papillon dogs have physical and emotional traits that should be considered before adopting one. Papillons are in the Toy Dog category, with small, fine bones and short stature. Adult Papillons grow to be approximately eight to 11 inches tall and weigh four to six pounds. They have long hair that sheds and should be brushed frequently to prevent tangles and mats. Papillons have a playful, friendly personality. They are generally easy to train, but may be difficult to housebreak. Toy breeds of dogs are typically difficult to housebreak because they can easily sneak under a chair or table and urinate in a tiny puddle that is difficult to see. This allows them to sneak away without discipline. Papillons, due to their small size, are not usually suitable for children.

Papillons Available for Adoption


Most dogs that are available for adoption are adults, but this has its advantages. Adult dogs may already be trained and possibly house broken. An adult Papillon may have outgrown his hyperactivity of puppyhood. The adult dog's personality is already developed, so you will be able to see if he is timid, noisy, shy, friendly or playful. You can ask the adoption center about the dog's health, personality and training so you know what to expect if you decide to adopt.


In some cases, Papillons put up for adoption may have physical or emotional problems from neglect or abuse. Consider your ability to spend time training and loving an abandoned and inadequately socialized Papillon before you adopt. It is never a good idea to adopt a dog and not be totally committed to keeping him, regardless of his behavioral problems.

Finding a Papillon Dog for Adoption

There are a number of organizations that have Papillon dogs available for adoption, including rescues specific to the breed and rescues that try to find homes for all types of adoptable pets. To get a good sense of options in your area, visit the following dog rescue organizations websites and enter your zip code to find Papillon information near you:

  • Paphaven - Papillon Haven Rescue is a group of individuals living across the United States who volunteer for the purpose of protecting and saving purebred and non-purebred Papillon dogs. They will educate, assist, treat, rescue, foster, and transport a Papillon dog.
  • Pap911Rescue - This rescue organization has a goal to rescue every Papillon until there are none that are mistreated or abandoned.
  • Adoptapet - This adoption society can put you in contact with dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and more. You will be able to link to adoptable animals instantly thru the Twitter a Critter program.
  • Petfinder - This adoption site will help you search for adoptable pets and allow you to post a classified ad for a Papillon.
  • Dogbiz - This website is a directory of purebred dog breeders. It also has a wealth of knowledge about dog breeds, puppies and general care of dogs.
  • Papillon Pals Rescue - Papillon Pals rescue is your link to adopting Papillons or helping rescue or foster for someone else.

Is Papillon Adoption Right for You?

Adopting a Papillon requires a lot of forethought. However, it can turn out to be a wonderful experience if you understand the breed and you're truly committed to providing all the care, training and love these dogs need to become good companions.

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Papillon Adoption and Rescue