Dog C-Sections Are Not Without Risks

Kelly Roper
Puppies nursing mom after a C-section

Is a dog C-section safe for both mom and her pups? In dog breeding, nothing is a sure bet, but a C-section can be a viable option during a difficult or overdue delivery.

Qestion: Is a Dog C-Section Safe?

My female Chihuahua is at 64 days gestation. She was bred with a slightly larger male, so I've worried there might be complications and discussed surgery with my vet. If she has a C-section, is there a chance the pups will not survive the procedure, even if they are ready to come out?

~~ Renee

Expert Reply

Hi Renee,

C-sections do present a certain amount of risk for both mom and pups, but then again, so does a natural delivery. As a Chihuahua breeder, I've been through several C-sections, and we did lose a few pups along the way. I believe this was mainly due to the fact that the bitches in question were already struggling to push out their first pups, and the pups were probably dead before the surgery got under way.

I do know of a very famous breeder who routinely schedules all of her Chihuahua bitches for C-sections, and she wouldn't do it any other way. As long as your vet is extremely careful with the anesthesia, everything should turn out alright.

Thanks for your question, and good luck with the delivery.

~~ Kelly

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Dog C-Sections Are Not Without Risks