Is Pom Pup's Coat Normal?

Kelly Roper
Full-coated adult Pom

A visitor wonders if her Pom pup's coat is normal. As you'll understand once you read this, sometimes it's hard to figure out what's going on without a photo.

Visitor Question: Is Pom Pup's Coat Normal?

I have a four-month-old Pomeranian that was recently given to me. I've noticed that the hair around her eyes and face is very short, compared to the rest of her coat. It looks like she is wearing a mask, or better yet, it looks a little like a monkey face.

I've looked at other Pomeranian pictures and I haven't seen that on them. Is it because her hair is still growing? Is it even normal?

Thanks~~ Aileen H.

Expert Reply

Hi Aileen,

It will be hard to say exactly what's going on with your puppy without seeing it, but let me tell you what I'm thinking.

First, let's define what a normal Pom coat should look like. The hair on a Pom's face is naturally quite shorter than on the rest of the body, save for the legs. Unless you see some sort of skin irritation in the area, then it's probably all right. At four months, your puppy won't be in full coat yet, so if it looks a bit awkward right now, that's natural too.

A Pom's face should be reminiscent of a fox's face. Please see the image at the top of the page for a reference. Since your puppy was given to you rather than purchased directly from a breeder, is it possible that it is not a purebred dog? If your puppy looks significantly different from other Poms, then this could be the case.

As long as there are no skin infection or infestation issues going on, things sound alright to me. If you still feel uncomfortable, then it would be a good idea to let your vet have a look at your puppy.

Thanks for your question~~ Kelly


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Is Pom Pup's Coat Normal?