Is My Dog Still Pregnant?

Kelly Roper

How can you be sure your dog's pregnancy is progressing normally?

Visitor: Is My Dog Still Pregnant?

My dog is between 46 and 48 days pregnant. An ultrasound confirmed she had five pups in utero on day 38-40.

I haven't been able to feel the pups move as of yet. I've also noticed that the skin on her belly seems to be hanging where I thought it didn't hang before. I'm not sure if I'm mistaken, but what is the chance her belly is shrinking? Also, do I still have to worry about her losing her pups this late in the pregnancy?

~~ Dawn

Expert Reply

Hi Dawn,

My hunch is that things are probably just fine. Make sure your bitch is eating and drinking normally, and offer her some tasty chicken if she seems to be eating less.

It isn't unusual that you don't feel anything at this point in the pregnancy. You typically won't feel any movement from the pups until closer to delivery time. If your vet didn't find any obvious problems with the litter, try to trust his/her findings and set your mind at ease.

While there is a possibility that pups can die anytime in utero, during or after birth, your bitch's pups are probably just fine and quietly growing away. Unless your bitch begins running a fever and/or passing a foul discharge, all is probably well.

Thank you for your question, and best wishes for a healthy litter!

~~ Kelly


Is My Dog Still Pregnant?