Training Hybrid Wolf Puppies

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The Basics of Hybrid Wolf Puppies Training

Hybrid wolf puppies training principles are the same training principals that should be used when training domestic dogs, killer whales, parrots, or any other animal. There are behavioral differences to consider, but training any animal can be done by using positive motivation and effectively managing the animal's environment. This is true for hybrid wolf puppies as well.

Understand Your Wolf Hybrid Puppy

Wolf hybrids are social animals who do best living in a family group just like any dog. Your hybrid wolf puppy will need to have lots of contact with his family, and be encouraged to behave in ways that will allow him to be accepted and tolerated. Always begin training early, keeping in mind that every moment you are with your puppy you are teaching him something. Wolves are nomadic and they hunt for their food. This will mean that you will need to offer your wolf hybrid puppy daily exercise and mentally stimulating activities for the rest of his life. This can be done with daily runs, games, interactive toys, going on errands with you, and training.

Containment is Crucial for Hybrid Wolf Puppies Training

Hybrid wolf puppies are always learning. When they are with you, they will learn what you teach them. When you cannot supervise your puppy, he will continue to learn and sometimes he will learn things that you would rather he not know about. Things like:

  • The television remote control smells wonderfully like you and has some popcorn salt left on it from last night. Mmm…tasty!
  • There is "grass" right here in the house, why wait to go outside?
  • Throw pillows make the coolest sound when you rip them open, and hey look it's SNOWING!!!

Crate training your wolf hybrid puppy will save a lot of time and money for you, and will save your pup from getting confused about what the rules are.

Safe Confinement for the Adult Hybrid Wolf

As your wolf hybrid puppy becomes an adult, you will need to create a safe run for her to stay in when you cannot be with her. The run should be constructed out of eleven gauge chain link panels as a minimum standard. The enclosure should be at least six feet in height and is best placed on a concrete pad. There should be a lock on the gate, and a chain link top. This will prevent your wolfdog from escaping, protect her from teasing by children, and the possibility of being stolen.

Basic Manners

Hybrid wolf puppies training should include learning basic manners. This includes:

  • Bite inhibition
  • Housetraining
  • Socialization
  • Basic obedience

If a puppy does not bite, eliminate indoors, is not aggressive to other animals or people, and listens to his owner, he is free. Free to go places and be with the people he loves, indoors and out. A responsible wolfdog owner insures his pet's quality of life by teaching him these basic things.

Force Results in Resistance

Avoid outdated and dangerous dog training methods when training your puppy. The alpha roll is not an effective way to communicate with your wolfdog or any other dog. Using other harsh methods such as hard jerks on the leash, hitting, scolding, shock collars and other physical corrections will only frighten your wolf hybrid. This will make it harder to achieve the desired behavior. Seek out trainers and training methods with a focus on positive motivation and controlling resources to achieve desired behavior from your wolf hybrid puppy. These methods are used by top animal trainers to train dolphins, killer whales, tigers, bears, and other animals.

Have Fun with Your Wolf Hybrid

Having a wolf hybrid as a pet is a unique experience. Take time to enjoy your wolfdog for all that he is. Run with him, hide interesting toys and treats around the house and yard and watch with amazement as he seeks and finds his quarry. Understand his instincts and protect him. Treat obedience training as a game, make it fun, smile at him, he will love working with you!

Additional Information

Nicole Wilde has trained, rescued, and lived with wolf hybrid dogs for many years and has two very informative books about these special dogs. The books are Living with Wolfdogs and Wolfdogs A-Z Behavior, Training, & More.

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Training Hybrid Wolf Puppies