Homeopathic Remedies for Dog Insomnia and Incontinence

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Homeopathic remedies for dog insomnia and incontinence issues can provide natural alternatives to prescription medications. See what the Dog Expert recommends for one dog that can't sleep and another pet who also has house accidents.

A Homeopathic Remedy for Insomnia and Incontinence

My dog is fourteen and is an insomniac during the night. When he does sleep, he wets his crate. My vet has not been able to help with medical options for the insomnia and incontinence. Are there any homeopathic drugs you would suggest? Other than the problems listed above, he is healthy and eating well, but in the meantime I can't sleep, and I'm cleaning up after him left and right. I need help.

Thank you~~ Betsy

Expert Reply

Hi Betsy,

I'm not an expert on homeopathic remedies, but I did some research so let me share what I've found.

There is a product called Leaks No More that is supposed to relieve incontinence in dogs and other pets. The site I'm directing you to even has dosage information. There are other products offered that are supposed to relieve stress and anxiety. Although they did not specifically say they were designed to treat insomnia, I think anything that relaxes your dog would help him sleep.

The main thing I understand about homeopathic treatments is that they are typically not supposed to create side-effects, and that it may take a while for the product to build up in the pet's system to create the desired effect. So it doesn't look like you would have an instant cure, but relief should come with repeated use.

If you decide to try any of these products, please come back and let us know if they really work. I've had other visitors ask about overnight incontinence before, and this is the first time I've encountered a homeopathic remedy.

Thanks for your question, and I truly hope you and your dog find relief.

~~ Kelly

Senior Dog Is Restless at Night

Ms. Roper,

I'm at my wits end because my 14-year-old Australian Shepherd is no longer sleeping at night. Instead, he wanders around and paces the house. This started a few months ago, following a bout with Canine Vestibular Disease. He was clearly stressed by the illness, which may have exacerbated or been aggravated by his arthritis.

Initially, I could comfort him and coax him back to sleep. However, when we began a Previcox treatment to deal with his arthritis, his insomnia got progressively worse. Everything I tried, including crating him (which he previously found comforting), only works for one or two nights, and then he would react poorly, such as panting and trying to get out of the crate.

This past weekend, he was up all night and much of the day. I gave him some Bendaryl to try to help him sleep, but a 50mg dosage did not knock him out even slightly. The vet seems to be as lost as I am. All my dog's blood work has remained consistent with nothing to cause alarm. Any help you have to offer is much appreciated.

~~ Fiona

Expert Reply

Hello Fiona

I'm so sorry to hear your dog is going through so much right now. Since your vet is addressing all the medical issues and your dog's nighttime restlessness hasn't been attributed to any of his conditions or medication, the problem is probably related to his age.

I get a lot of questions about this issue from owners of senior pets. Just like senior people, many older dogs find it difficult to rest at night. My question at this point is how trustworthy is your dog when left on his own? Can you close him in the bedroom with you at night and let him wander as he needs so you can get some rest? Would he be alright if you gave him run of the house, but left your bedroom door open just in case he needed you?

You might also consider providing your dog with an orthopedic bed. They make beds for arthritic dogs that provide heat and massage features. One of these just might make your dog feel comfortable enough to drift off to sleep. If this doesn't work, you could give a homeopathic remedy for insomnia a try.

I truly hope one of these suggestions will hope both you and your dog get some much needed sleep at night. Thank you for your question and hang in there.

~~ Kelly

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Homeopathic Remedies for Dog Insomnia and Incontinence