Funny Looking Dogs

Funny Looking Dogs Gallery

If you enjoy looking at pictures of funny-looking dogs, you've come to the right place. Here's a collection of silly and sometimes just plain odd looking dogs.

The Poodle pictured here is definitely having a bad hair day.

Up and Away

If this dog could speak, he'd say, "Dumbo's got nothing on me!"

Hey Mon!

This Bordeaux looks hilarious in dreadlocks.

Pastel Poofs

This is one grooming job that definitely got out of control.

Here Comes Trouble

Steer clear of this little punk rocker. He looks like he's got quite an attitude.

The Egg Head

If there's such a thing as a canine nerd, this dog fits the bill.

The Winner

If there was a funny-looking dog contest, this fellow would probably take first prize.

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Funny Looking Dogs