Funny Halloween Dog Pictures

10 Funny Halloween Dog Pictures

When the season rolls around for all things fun and spooky, these funny Halloween dog pictures prove that it's possible for your furry friend to join the celebration. Remember to always choose a dog costume that leaves the face open and is soft and comfortable. Your pet should also be able to exercise freely for the greatest convenience. With all that in mind, here are ten adorable Halloween pups for your viewing pleasure.

Introducing Pug Frog...

You've heard of the She Devil...

Now meet the Chi Devil!

Corgi Ladybug

This sweet little Corgi looks like she'd bring anyone some good luck.

Bewitching Beagle

Can you resist her spell?

Chester the Jester

The lovable, clownish attitude of most Frenchies makes them the perfect candidate for court jester.

Count ''Chi''cula

With his glowing red eyes and shiny fangs, this is one little Chihuahua who has nothing to fear.

Gray Ghost and a Pumpkin

Looks like this Weimaraner is ready to go prowling in the pumpkin patch.

Public Enemy Number One

This little Pom was found guilty of stealing hearts!

Captain Jack

Aye, Matey. Guess who's running the ship?

Angelic Poodle

How else would you dress up this dainty beast?

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Funny Halloween Dog Pictures