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If you would like to adopt a Frenchie, consider a French Bulldog rescue. Rescue organizations can help you find a pet that will make a perfect addition to your family. Adopting a rescue dog can also be a rewarding experience for both you and the dog.

About French Bulldogs

During the 19th century, British breeders began to cultivate small Bulldogs that weighed between 12 to 25 pounds. British immigrants introduced the dog to France and the USA. Over the years, the dog's popularity in France and interbreeding with French Terriers led to the breed's new name of "French Bulldog" or "Frenchie".

Today, French Bulldogs are a recognized American Kennel Club breed and bred in the USA, France and the UK. French Bulldogs are small dogs that generally weigh between 12 and 28 pounds and have muscular, compact bodies with large, square heads, dark eyes and upright "bat" ears. Frenchies have short, smooth coats that come a variety of colors including white, fawn and brindle or brindle mixed with white.

Why Rescue a French Bulldog?

Previous dog owners and the authorities place French Bulldogs in rescue centers for a variety of reasons. These reasons may include:

  • A dog owner is no longer able to care for a French Bulldog due to illness, financial difficulty or a busy work schedule.
  • An adoptive family finds that the dog does not fit in well in their household. Sometimes this is due to placing a Frenchie in a household with a pre-existing pet or introducing the dog into a household with small children without proper supervision.
  • A dog owner passes away and none of his heirs are able or willing to take care of the animal.
  • If a Frenchie does not receive proper training, behavioral issues may lead to placement in a rescue center.
  • The authorities may hand a stray Frenchie over to a rescue center.
  • Puppy mill French Bulldogs are sometimes placed in rescue centers.
  • Retired breeder dogs are sometimes available for adoption through rescue organizations.

If you rescue a Frenchie, you can provide a loving home for a dog who may have never known a stable home. Rescue dogs are generally very affectionate and loyal pets because they appreciate their new loving environment. People who enjoy taking the time to train previously untrained dogs will be rewarded by appreciative pets who respond to the attention and security of caring guardians. When you give a Frenchie a permanent home, you are essentially saving the dog's life just as much as the rescue organization that gave him temporary shelter.

About French Bulldog Rescue Organizations

Frenchie rescue organizations specialize in placing Frenchies in safe and comfortable homes. The groups are knowledgeable about the unique needs of the breed and take extra care to fit the right dog with appropriate families. The organizations generally offer assistance to help a dog adjust to a new home when necessary.

Rescue organizations interview potential adoptive families to make sure that they can provide suitable permanent homes for the Frenchies in their care. Fortunately, French Bulldogs can adapt to most life styles, including apartment living, relatively easily. Some of the special concerns regarding Frenchies include:

  • Potential dominance issues with other pre-existing pets, especially cats.
  • French Bulldogs need homes with families that have time for personal attention. The dogs should not be alone for the majority of the day. If the dog is alone during working hours, make sure he can spend time with you when you are home.
  • Some Frenchies are difficult to train because they can be stubborn.
  • French Bulldogs overheat easily. They are indoor dogs and need to be protected from overheating when walking outside on hot days.
  • Excessive barking is possible with a Frenchie that was not trained or properly socialized.

Most organizations require a potential adoptive family to sign a contract that promises that the dog will not be surrendered to a shelter. Rescue organizations will usually take back a dog if the new home does not work out. However, the organizations ask extensive questions and often tour homes before finalizing an adoption to give the dogs the best chance of permanent home placement.

Finding a Frenchie Rescue Organization

There are a number of reputable Frenchie rescue organizations throughout the USA. You can find them by contacting the French Bull Dog Club of America (FBDCA). The FBDCA recommends the following rescue organizations:

If you are not located near any of the recommended rescue organizations and prefer not to travel to another state for adoption, you can contact the FBDCA for additional recommendations in your state. You can also contact local breeders and veterinarians who are knowledgeable about the breed.

French Bulldog rescue provides an excellent opportunity to save a dog that may have never known a loving home or family. Rescue is also a great way to find an adult dog. Even if you prefer a puppy, rescue organizations have plenty of French Bulldog puppies to select from. With so many rescue dogs available, you can find a pet that fits in well with your family and make a tremendous difference in a dog's life.

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French Bulldog Rescue Groups