List of Dog Show Supplies and Sources

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Dog Show Supplies

Dog Show Supply List

If you're going to pursue the dog show hobby, then you'll need to learn all about dog show supply sources and the tools of the trade. First, let's examine the main items most exhibitors will need.The list of dog show supplies can be quite extensive if you are serious about becoming a top exhibitor. However, the following list of basic supplies will get you through your initial entry into the hobby.

  • Grooming Supplies include a proper comb/brush for your dog's coat type, nail clippers, shampoo/conditioner, and rubber bands (for long coated breeds).
  • Show Leads, also referred to as leashes, but with a difference. Leashes typically attach to a standard dog collar. Show leads are usually a one piece unit with a loop and adjustable slide that makes up the collar.
  • Crates, whether for travel or exercise as no dogs are allowed to roam freely at any dog show for the safety of all concerned.
  • Food and Water Receptacles, which every exhibitor needs to supply for his/her self. Water bottles that can be attached to crates are especially useful for giving dogs a drink without giving them the chance to get wet.

Dog Show Supply Sources

There are four main sources of dog show supply open to consumers, and each has a varying degree of usefulness.

  • On-site Dog Show Supply Vendors have booth space at nearly every dog show. The bigger the event, the greater the number of supply companies present. While you may pay slightly more for your supplies here, these vendors have the specialized equipment most dog show exhibitors are looking for. Sometimes the immediate convenience outweighs the added expense.
  • On-line Dog Show Supply Websites are usually considered the second tier of suppliers for most exhibitors. These sites may actually yield better pricing for dog show supplies, and are fine if you can wait for a shipment. However, you will have to pay shipping in nearly all cases, which offsets your initial savings.
  • Dog Show Supply Catalogs are filled with many pages of the most useful equipment. You will often find the same specialized dog show items such as show leads and grooming supplies that are not available at pet shops. Many exhibitors will find these catalogs in their mailbox once they have entered a few shows, as these companies comb dog show catalogs for exhibitor contacts.
  • Local Pet Supply Stores such as PetsMart and Pet Supplies Plus carry many useful dog show items such as crates, and some feeding and grooming supplies. If you can find exactly what you're looking for here, you may be able to combine savings and convenience. The problem is that these retail chains often do not carry specialized dog show items.

Additional Supply Vendors

In addition to actual dog show supply vendors, you will also find other vendors of dog show memorabilia at most shows. These vendors may be selling anything from signed and numbered dog art prints and sculptures, to doggie jewelry, to doggie clothing and bedding. In short, whatever you may be in the market for usually has a dog show supply company to fit.

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List of Dog Show Supplies and Sources