68 Original Dog Quotes You'll Love

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Sometimes it's difficult to find words that express how you feel about your dog, but the right quote can make you smile, laugh, or maybe even cry. Here are some original dog quotes you'll love and want to share.

Dog Quotes That Are Inspirational

This quotes are focused on the big view of life with a dog, and they're designed to inspire you.

  • If you share your life with a dog, you are a lucky individual for you have found heaven on earth.
  • Even on your worst day, your dog thinks you're a hero if you fill his food and water bowls.
  • Dogs know no past, present, or future; they exist only in the moment.
  • For any skeptics out there, dogs are living proof that miracles do exist.
  • Once you've loved a dog, truly loved one, your life will never be the same.
  • If Heaven doesn't have dogs, St. Peter can just point me toward the Rainbow Bridge.
  • If you want to learn to live in the moment, watch a dog rolling happily in fresh green grass or napping in the spot on the floor where the sun hits it just right.
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Funny Dog Quotes

Inspirational thoughts aside, a lot of things about sharing your life with a dog are funny if you just look at them in the right light.

  • Who ever said dog's aren't smart never tried to hide a Milk Bone from a Labrador.
  • I don't need a dating app. I just go to the dog park and look for the biggest guy with the littlest dog and know I've found someone who's secure with himself.
  • Real dog lovers just swallow that random hair in their coffee and give you a steely gaze while they're doing it.
  • If you don't like dogs, I don't like you. It's as simple as that.
  • Your dog is the only one who loves you even if you haven't showered or brushed your teeth for three days, but four days is pushing it.
  • Dogs have it made. Who else can get away with crapping in your yard and get praised for it?
  • The purebred dog world is one of the few areas in life where hooking up with a cousin is not only approved, it's encouraged and documented.
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I Love My Dog Sayings

There are many ways to say how much you love your dog whether you're looking for something sentimental or maybe a quote with a touch of humor.

  • I love my dog as much as church ladies love to gossip.
  • Why do I love my dog so much? He's the best fur-son I know.
  • I love my dog like a kid loves summer vacation.
  • I love my dog like my dog loves me - without limits!
  • The heck with the moon. I love my pupper to Pluto and back.
  • Whoever has said "It's just a dog" has never been fortunate enough to love or be loved by one.
  • I love my dog the way I wish other people would love me.
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Short Dog Quotes

If you're looking for a quote that's short and sweet, these sayings are simple yet filled with feeling.

  • My dog completes me.
  • Dogs don't hold grudges.
  • Doggos; the natural antidepressant.
  • Mutts make me happy.
  • Dogs love unconditionally.
  • My dog's my world.
  • My Dog = Best. Decision. Ever.
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Chihuahua Quotes

Chihuahuas are often underestimated due to their small size, but don't let that fool you. There's a whole lot of dog inside these little cuties.

  • Chihuahuas prove the very best things sometimes come in tiny, ankle biting packages.
  • No life is complete without a Chihuahua curled up next to you at night.
  • Chihuahuas are the cheapest foot warmer you'll ever find.
  • If Chihuahuas ruled the world, it would never rain and there would always be a warm blanket to burrow under.
  • Chihuahuas are the biggest little dogs you'll ever meet.

Bulldog Quotes

Bulldogs are extremely popular for their unusual looks, adventurous personalities, and goofy antics. See if these quotes ring true with you.

  • Whoever said wrinkles are ugly never loved a Bulldog.
  • Bulldogs have faces only a mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, or cousin could love.
  • To a Bulldog, the bigger the snore, the better the sleep.
  • For a Bulldog, wrinkles and folds aren't about the bed, they're about the head.
  • Bulldogs are like bowling balls of love rolling right straight down the alley at you and hoping for a strike.

Poodle Quotes

One of the most popular dog breeds ever, Poodles appear to be in a class by themselves. Here are a few universal truths.

  • Poodles are like curly fries; you can't have just one.
  • Most dogs secretly wish they were Poodles or at least looked like one.
  • If your Poodle doesn't get its nails painted at least once, she isn't a real Poodle.
  • If you spend more money at a dog grooming salon than your beauty salon, you probably own a Poodle.
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Pitbull Quotes

Pitbull dogs have really been maligned in recent decades, but there's more to this breed than what you read in newspapers. Let these quotes sink in.

  • Pitbulls never let go… of your heart.
  • The Pitbull will always do what you ask of her, so be careful what you ask.
  • The only thing dangerous about a Pitbull is the human holding the leash.
  • When life gives you lemons, hug your Pittie. You'll get instant lemonade garnished with slobber and kisses.
  • Who can look into the beautiful eyes of a Pitbull and resist falling in love?

Great Dane Quotes

Great Danes may look a bit intimidating, but they really are affectionate clowns with their families. These quotes demonstrate their finer qualities.

  • A Great Dane loves its owner with the ferocity of a lion.
  • No matter how big it is, somehow every Great Dane will find its way into its owner's lap... or the cat's bed.
  • The bigger the dog, the shorter its life span. A Great Dane makes up for that by loving you to infinity.
  • All Great Dane owners think their Dane is the best. They are right.
  • Courageous, beautiful, slightly goofy. That's a Great Dane for you.

Corgi Quotes

Corgis seem to be everyone's favorite short breed these days. Here are some quotes that speak about their character as well as their physical characteristics.

  • What a Corgi lacks in stature he makes up for in entertainment value.
  • It is said that all puppies are cute, but Corgi puppies rock cuteness to the moon.
  • It is impossible to be sad when you look into the eyes of a Corgi.
  • Corgis are short on leg, but long on love.
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Yorkie Quotes

The most glamorous of all the Terrier breeds, Yorshire Terriers may look like they belong in the arms of Hollywood starlets, but they are tougher than you might suspect.

  • Don't let the dog in the purse fool you. My Yorkie can take you.
  • If you're lucky enough to own a Yorkie, you will never feel alone.
  • A Yorkie may look like a cupcake, but the heart of a fearless Terrier beats inside each one.
  • Tiny but fierce, a Yorkie is the mighty mouse of the dog world.
  • Really, two Yorkies are better than one. Three would be ideal, but four would be just as easy. Might as well have five.

Share the Love You Have for Your Dog

If some of these quotes resonated with you, share them with your friends and family. Pick your favorite quote, hang it on your fridge, and read it every morning to remind yourself how special your dog is to you.

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68 Original Dog Quotes You'll Love