Dog Pregnancy and Rabies Vaccinations

Kelly Roper
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Is it wise to give a pregnant dog a rabies vaccination?

About Dog Pregnancy and Rabies Vaccinations


My dog started her heat cycle last Tuesday. The amount of blood has decreased and turned lighter. Is this the second stage of the heat cycle or could she be pregnant? If she is pregnant, can she still get her rabies shot without hurting the puppies?

~~ Janey

Expert Reply

Hi Janey,

Yes, this sounds like the second, fertile stage of your dog's heat cycle. There is a significant risk of aborting the puppies when vaccinations are given to pregnant dogs, so I would recommend that you hold off on your dog's rabies shot until after she delivers, if in fact she is truly pregnant. If you witnessed any breedings, then I would operate on the premisis that she could be pregnant.

Thanks for your question, and I hope everything works out for the best.

~~ Kelly


Dog Pregnancy and Rabies Vaccinations