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Many visitors have dog pregnancy concerns when unexpected complications arise. Share a few stories right here.

Visitors Have Dog Pregnancy Concerns

Can Seizures Affect Pregnancy?

Hi,My female dog may be pregnant, but she had seizures one to three days after the breeding. We have found out the cause of the seizures, and it wasn't heredity or epilepsy. Could these seizures have affected the puppies-to-be, or could they have caused her to abort the litter? If so, how would I know?

Thank you~~ Sally

Expert Reply

Hi Sally,

I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to your dog.

Seizures can have an effect on developing embryos. When a seizure occurs, it disrupts the oxygen being delivered to the pups. This usually results in brain damage. Since your dog's puppies would have been no more than fertilized eggs at the time the seizures occurred, this might not have much bearing on them.

However, there is a stronger chance that the litter could have been lost. You wouldn't have seen much evidence of this because your dog was technically still in season, but she may have spontaneously aborted due to her illness.

I'm not sure how long ago all of this occurred, but your vet can perform an ultrasound as early as 21 days gestation to try to detect any embryos. You can also wait until the 28th day of gestation to have your vet palpate your bitch's uterus for evidence of pea-sized nodules that are actually embryos. After 28 days, the uterus enlarges and you won't be able to feel the pups for some time after that.

Whatever the cause of your bitch's seizures, I hope everything works out for the best. Thanks for your question and good luck.

~~ Kelly

Pregnant Dog Has Green Discharge

I believe my dog is pregnant, and she has green discharge coming from her vulva. What does this mean?

~~ Karista

Expert Reply

Hi Karista,

Green discharge isn't always an immediate sign of trouble, depending on when it appears. Sometimes a puppy will defecate in utero very close to delivery time and the substance is flushed from the bitch's system. So, depending on how far along your bitch is, the delivery may be soon.

Green discharge earlier in the pregnancy can be a sign that a fairly well developed pup has expired in utero, and this can be a problem because it can cause infection, and possibly cause the litter to abort.

If your bitch is only about mid-term, I would consult with your vet. If your bitch is very close to delivery time, I wouldn't worry about it too much, but I would take her in to the vet the day after the pups are born to get a post-partum checkup. Your vet will feel her uterus to make sure all the pups and placentas have been expelled, as well as put her on an antibiotic to prevent an infection from taking hold. In fact, I always take my bitches in for a checkup immediately after whelping whether they had any problems or not.

Thanks for your question, and I hope all goes well.

~~ Kelly

Dog Morning Sickness


What is the "morning sickness" stage like in dogs?

~~ Sarah

Expert Reply

Hi Sarah,

Just as with women, the "morning sickness" stage can vary during a dog pregnancy. Some bitches never seem to feel sick at all. Instead, their appetite gets a jump start and they seem ready to eat anything and everything.

Other bitches appear to have an upset stomach early in the day that tapers off in the afternoon. For these bitches, an evening feeding seems to work best.

A small number of bitches appear to be very affected by the changing pregnancy hormones. They seem to get sick more often, and they usually experience a good deal of lethargy as well.

In most cases, the "sick" phase only seems to last for about two to three weeks, sometimes just a bit longer. At this point, the hormones are more stable and most bitches seem able to adjust to the pregnancy at this stage. Typically they will begin eating enough to make up for their early losses.

Thanks for your question, and I hope this info provides what you needed to know.

~~ Kelly


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