200 Great Dog Names

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What's in a dog's name? The name you choose for your dog can let people know how you feel about your pet and also a bit about your own personality and tastes. It can also pay homage to your own national heritage and ancestry. There are many lists of popular dog names. Here's a list of 100 male dog names and 100 female dog names, some traditional and some with a "twist."

100 Top Male Dog Names

If you like to go the "traditional" route with naming your dog, these are some of the most popular names for male dogs.

Unusual Male Dog Names

On the other hand, if you want to show off your quirky personality, or you have a dog with a special personality, you can choose a name that stands out.

  • Bacon - A good name for a fat dog.
  • Badmash - In India, a delinquent boy, for a naughty but loveable dog.
  • Doritos - For the owner who really loves tasty corn chips.
  • Earwig - A cute name for a dog with funny ears.
  • Faamiti - In Samoan, it means making a funny squeaky noise with your mouth. Good for a dog with a squeaky bark.
  • Gallus - A Scottish word for daring and courageous.
  • Goodfella - A good name for a good boy with an owner who loves mafia movies.
  • Jabberwocky - A literary name you don't hear often, from Lewis Carroll's poem.
  • Lizard or Turtle - Some dog owners love reptiles too.
  • Toaster - A kitchen appliance that makes a cute name.

Indian Male Dog Names

If you have an Indian heritage and want to express your pride through your dog, here are some male dog name choices with translations.

  • Abhay - brave
  • Ajay - title for a king or invincible
  • Bodhi - enlightened; also the type of tree the Buddha sat under
  • Chetan - zest for life
  • Kabir - great
  • Prem - beloved
  • Reyansh - ray of light
  • Shaurya - brave
  • Viviaan - rays of the sun
  • Vinod - happy
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Badass Male Dog Names

If you want it known that you and your dog are fierce, here's some names based on historic and current day badasses.

  • Ragnar - famous Viking warrior
  • Spartacus - Roman freedom fighter
  • Rock - as in The Rock AKA Dwayne Johnson
  • Bautista - as in Dave, Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Chuck - Norris, action star
  • Armstrong - Neil, astronaut
  • Musashi - famous Samurai
  • Vin - Diesel, action star
  • Hemingway - author and adventurer

Navajo Male Dog Names

You can find several collections of names from various Native American tribes online. Here's a list of exclusively Navajo names with translations which are perfect for a southwestern dog.

  • Atsa - eagle
  • Atsidi - hammer
  • Gaagii - raven
  • Kilchii - red
  • Naalnish - he works
  • Niyol - wind
  • Shiye - son
  • Sik'is - friend
  • Tsiishch'ili - curly hair
  • Yas - snow

Dog Sports Male Dog Names

If you have a dog that competes in dog sports like agility and flyball, you want a name that makes people know how fast your dog is.

  • Bugatti - The world's fastest car.
  • Cheetah - The fastest land animal.
  • Fly'n - For a dog that seems to soar over jumps.
  • Lockheed - The fastest airplane.
  • Marlin - The fastest resident of the oceans.
  • Peregrine - This type of falcon is the world's fastest bird.
  • Photon - The fastest particle in the universe.
  • Rossa - After the Formula Rossa, fastest roller coaster in the world.
  • Supersonic - Faster than the speed of sound.
  • Usain - After Usain Bolt, the world record Olympic runner.
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International Male Dog Names

Here are some of the most popular names for male dogs in other countries.

  • Alfie - the most popular name for male dogs in England.
  • Bamse - based on a cartoon character in Sweden and also a St. Bernard in World War II known for saving several sailors.
  • Bello - a popular dog name in Germany which means "handsome."
  • Kotaro - the top Japanese name which means a happy boy.
  • Messi - based on Lionel Messi, a favorite soccer player in Spain.
  • Oscar - the most popular name for male dogs in Mexico.
  • Sora - which means "sky" is a favorite male name in Japan.
  • Struppi - in Germany, a famous cartoon character.
  • Waldi - a favorite name for Dachshunds in Germany from the 1972 Olympic mascot.
  • Zeus - Named after the Greek god, the most popular name for male dogs in Canada.

Fishing Male Dog Names

Fisherman who love their sport, or fish for a living, might enjoy naming their dog after some fishing terms. Also great for dogs that love the water like retrievers and Portuguese Water Dogs, and for dogs that love to spend time relaxing in your boat with you.

  • Bobber - Another name for a floater on the water attached to your fishing line.
  • Caster - Someone who casts a fishing line.
  • Chum - The stew of pieces of fish and other items thrown into the water to attract fish.
  • Hook - A name based on the fish hook.
  • Kype - A male trout or salmon.
  • Mayfly - An insect that inspires some lures.
  • Sinker - A weight used on the fishing line.
  • Spinner - A part of a type of hook.
  • Strike - When a fish bites on your hook.
  • Tackle - The name of the box of fishing gear.

Male Dog Names Based on Fancy or Powerful Vehicles

It's often true that men love fancy cars and other cool modes of transport. These are good names for a fast dog or a dog that likes to get around town.

  • Aston - Martin, a British sports car.
  • Blackhawk - a military helicopter.
  • Corsair - World War II fighter plane.
  • Felucca - a sailboat in Egypt.
  • Huddle - the space telescope.
  • Rikshaw - a human powered vehicle in Asia.
  • Royce - as in Rolls Royce, the luxury car.
  • Tesla - a modern electric car.
  • Tuk Tuk - a taxi in Thailand.
  • Zeppelin - an old fashioned airship.
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Elvish Male Dog Names

Fans of the Lord of the Rings books and series may be mostly familiar with names from Tolkein. There are many other literary sources of Elven names for boy dogs, however.

  • Alveric - from the book The King of Elfland's Daughter
  • Ander - from the Shannara Chronicles books
  • Briar - from the Artemis Fowl book series
  • Eredin - from The Witcher book series
  • Evandar - from the book Eragon
  • Evantine - from the Shannara Chronicles books
  • Lathen - from the book The Fionavar Tapestry
  • Natil - from the book series Strands of Starlight
  • Rayek - from the comic Elfquest
  • Tinnfierl - from the book The Harrow

Top Female Dog Names

These names are some "tried and true" choices that are the most popular names in the U.S.

Unusual Female Dog Names

For the female dog that stands out in a crowd, some name ideas that will be just as interesting as she is.

  • Bakku-shan - A Japanese word for a woman who looks great from behind but not from the front. Use for a dog that some might say is "unattractive" but you still adore.
  • Cabbage - Not the usual type of food used for naming dogs but it can be cute, and unusual, for the right dog.
  • Donkey - Could work for a grey female dog, or a stubborn one.
  • Flews - The term for the big lips of a mastiff or bloodhound.
  • Gaita - A pretty name for a girl dog that actually refers to a type of bagpipe. Could work for a Scottish breed or a dog who likes to wail or howl.
  • Gigel - In Filipino, means the urge to hug something that's really cute.
  • Lagom - In Swedish, means "just right" for a dog that you think is perfect.
  • Lollygag - Lolly for short, it's a good choice for a lazy dog.
  • Nessie - After the Loch Ness monster for cryptozoology fans.
  • Zeeskeit - A Yiddish term for sweetie or honey.
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Indian Female Dog Names

These names would be perfect for an Indian owner who wants their dog's name to embrace their culture.

  • Aditi - free and without limits
  • Aruna - the light of the dawn
  • Chaaya - shadow
  • Falguni - beautiful
  • Garima - strong
  • Lavanya - beautiful or graceful
  • Ruchika - beautiful
  • Shweta - white
  • Tanvi - delicate
  • Zoya - loving

Badass Female Dog Names

If your fierce dog happens to be female, here are some names that will let people know you and she are both badasses.

  • Bonney - Anne, famous pirate
  • Boudica - famous Celtic warrior
  • Earhart - Emilia Earhart, famous aviator
  • Milla - Jovovich, female action star
  • Oakley - Annie Oakley, female sharpshooter
  • O'Malley - Grace, famous Irish female pirate
  • Scarlett - Johansson, action star
  • Xena - Warrior Princess, TV show
  • Zenobia - famous warrior queen

Female Dog Names Based on Breed

If you really love your dog's breed, you can choose a name that matches their breed personality and heritage.

  • Amaruq - Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamute or other sled dog (Inuit for wolf)
  • Astor - Maltese (Mary Astor from the film The Maltese Falcon
  • Elizabeth - English Bulldog (Queen of England)
  • Frida - Chihuahua (Kahlo, famous painter)
  • Holle - German Shepherd (beloved in German)
  • Mae - any terrier (Mae West, a famous actress with a big personality)
  • Ronda - Boxer (Rousey, female fighter)
  • Skadi - hunting dog breeds (famous huntress in Norse mythology)
  • Tapa - Greyhound (Irish for fast)
  • Tomoe - Akita (Tomoe Gozen, the first female samurai)
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International Female Dog Names

Here are some of the most popular names for female dogs in other countries.

  • Kira - a popular Spanish name
  • Krümel - a frequently used name in Germany for female cats, but also cute for a dog, which means "crumb"
  • Luna - The most popular name in Mexico for female dogs
  • Min - Means "smart and witty" in Korean and is used often for female dogs
  • Momo - "peaches" in Japanese
  • Nadine - a popular name in France
  • Poppy - most popular name for a female dog in England
  • Sakura - another very popular name in Japan which refers to a flower
  • Susi - Germany - variation on spelling of Susan or Susie
  • Stella - the most popular name for female dogs in Canada which means "star"

Female Navajo Names

Navajo names and meanings for your dog to celebrate this Native American culture.

  • Ajei - my heart
  • Chooli - mountain
  • Doli - bluebird
  • Kai - (willow tree
  • Mosi - cat
  • Ooljee - moon
  • Otekah - sun maiden
  • Shima - mother
  • Sitsi - daughter
  • Yazhi - little one

Female Dog Names Based on Holidays and Festivals

If you have a fun-loving dog that loves the holidays, or maybe you got the dog during one of these festivals, choose a name based on that event.

  • Beltane - the celebration of May Day in Ireland and Scotland.
  • Gingerbread - a favorite Christmas treat.
  • Holi - a festival in India where colorful powder is thrown around.
  • Malanka - a Slavic holiday celebrating the new year.
  • Mōdraniht: - a festival of the winter solstice among Saxons, known as "Mothers' Night."
  • Oktober - after the German Oktoberfest festival.
  • Navrati - a Hindu festival in honor of the warrior goddess Durga.
  • Pudding - a favorite Christmas or Thanksgiving dessert.
  • Samhain - Celtic festival precursor to Halloween.
  • Tomatina - A festival in Spain involving food fights with tomatoes.
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Elvish Female Dog Names

Elvish style names can evoke an other wordly beauty. Here are some literary Elvish names for female dogs if you're looking for inspiration other than Tolkein.

  • Alhana - from the Dragonlance series of books
  • Amberle - from The Shannara Chronicles books
  • Ceridwen (Ceri) - from The Hollows book series
  • Ivalera - from the Japanese manga Berserk
  • Lirazel - from the book The King of Elfland's daughter
  • Mirya - from the book series Strands of Starlight
  • Timmain - from the comic Elfquest
  • Titania - from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Vilya - from The Fair and the Fey book series
  • Winnowill - from the comic Elfquest

Asian Female Dog Names

Everyone loves Asian cuisine. Why not choose an Asian name for your dog based on delicious desserts for a dog with a sweet personality?

  • Bibingka - a coconut cake made in the Philippines.
  • Buko - a Filipino pie made with coconut.
  • Chè - the national dessert of Vietnam. A soup made with many varieties using fruit and beans.
  • Halo-Halo - a desert made in the Philippines using shaved ice.
  • Kuih - Malaysian for a small snack made with different ingredients such as coconut and sugar.
  • Pandan - a plant used in many deserts in Thailand and Malaysia.
  • Mochi - a colorful Japanese dessert made with rice.
  • Satang - Korean word for candy.
  • Songkhaya - a Cambodian dessert made from custard.
  • Songpyeon - a rice cake dessert from Korea

Choosing a Dog Name

Consider the name for your dog carefully as you'll hopefully have your dog for many years to come. The name should be emblematic of who you are and how you feel about your dog. Whether it's a common name or something truly unique, have fun choosing!

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