Dog Goggles

Kelly Roper
Dog wearing goggles

Putting a pair of goggles on your pet may seem like just a fashion statement, and they do look cool. However, a good pair of goggles can also protect your pet's eyes from damaging UV rays and debris. They can even be beneficial for dogs that suffer from eye injuries or certain eye conditions.

Shopping for Dog Goggles

Presently, there's only one dog goggle manufacturer, and that's Doggles. Their goggles are equipped with shatterproof, anti-fog lenses that offer 100 percent UV protection for a dog's eyes, and the product has received veterinary approval. The company currently offers two styles of eyewear.


This is the main line of the brand, and these goggles are similar to swimmer's goggles for people, although they are not waterproof. The lenses are set in plastic frames that fit snugly to a dog's face.

Doctors Foster and Smith and are two places you'll find these goggles in a variety of colors and sizes. The chart below will help you choose the right fit for your pet.

Doggles Size Chart
Size Dog Size
Extra small 1 to 10 pounds
Small 9 to 25 pounds
Medium 20 to 60 pounds
Large 50 to 100 pounds
Extra large 100 pounds and over also offers replacement lenses in clear and seven other colors.

Doggles K9 Optix

Doggle's K9 Optix line is more fashionable than sporty. They look like sunglasses, and they don't fit the dog's eye snuggly like the goggles do. Even so, they still provide 100 percent UV protection, and some measure of protection against flying debris.

All styles have shatterproof lenses, including

  • Copper paws lens - This pair is embellished with three tiny paw prints in the upper corner of the lens, well out of the dog's line of vision.
  • Pink frame and lens - This pair is embellished with a little rhinestone heart in the lower corner of one lens.
  • Silver frame and smoke lens - This pair bears the K9 Optix logo in the upper right corner of the lens, and the strap attachment is shaped like a dog bone.

Consumer Reviews

Doctors Foster and Smith

Customer reviews at Doctors Foster and Smith (found at the bottom of the product page) are largely favorable with an overall 4.5 out of 5 stars. The criticism most often noted is that some dogs refuse to leave their goggles on. Some owners also report that their pets scratched the lenses while trying to remove the goggles themselves.

Otherwise, dog owners appear to agree that the goggles are well-made, and fit as expected.


Amazon customer reviews gave the goggles 4.7 out stars. Criticism included an issue with proper sizing.


Petco customer reviews also rate the goggles highly, giving them 4.3 out of 5 stars. Criticism included the fact that the goggles are not waterproof, but you should note that the company does not claim they are. Another customer recommends that you consider the shape of your dog's face and head when deciding which size is likely to fit best.

Putting Goggles on Your Pet

Each pair of goggles has two straps to hold the eyewear on a dog's head, and they fit similar to a bridle.

  1. Slide the goggles over the bridge of your dog's muzzle with the chinstrap beneath it.
  2. Gently pull the top strap over the dog's ears and down behind them.
  3. Adjust the goggles so they are positioned comfortably on your dog's face.
  4. Adjust the fit of the straps as needed so they are snug, but not too tight.

Training Your Dog to Wear Protective Eyewear

Some dogs take readily to their new goggles, while others will take a while to warm up to them. Some dogs may never be willing to wear them, so don't try to force it. Just leave the goggles on your dog for a minute or two in the beginning, and offer plenty of praise and a few small treats so she begins to associate her eyewear with pleasant things. You can gradually increase the wear time with each session, and if all goes well, your dog will learn to accept her new eyewear and be willing to wear them whenever you choose to put them on her.

Before You Buy

Before you decide to buy your pet a pair of goggles, talk to your veterinarian first to make sure this is the right choice for your pet. Next, shop around because the same set of goggles can vary about $5.00 from one shop to the next. If at all possible, try a pair on your pet to make sure you have the right fit because there is some overlap in the sizing. Taking all of these steps can help you avoid the inconvenience of making a return.

Dog Goggles