Dog Chews Wooden Kennel

Kelly Roper
Wooden dog house

A reader's dog is chewing her wooden kennel, and she wants to know how to make her pet stop before she destroys it. The Dog Expert offers a couple options for a fix and other materials to use plus a design change that may be a better choice for a kennel and dog house.

My Dog Is Chewing Her Kennel

My Collie keeps chewing on her wooden kennel. She chewed her last one so bad that the roof came off and it was no longer waterproof. I bought a new large wooden kennel, as she shares this with my Labrador, and she keeps eating this too. I can't keep buying new kennels, can you please help?

~~ Joanne

Expert Reply

Hi Joanne,

When you say wooden kennel, are you describing a wooden dog house? If so, you can try covering the entire outside of the kennel with 1 X 1/2 hardware cloth. If you can get access to the inside of the house, you can cover it there as well. This should effectively keep your dog from chewing away at the wood.

If you do indeed mean an entire dog kennel run, I highly recommend that you stay away from wooden designs and purchase a chain link kennel and lay either a cement slab or pea gravel floor. This will also eliminate the destruction caused by your dog's chewing.

If you combine your kennel run and your dog house, attach the dog house from the outside of the fencing for the best protection.

I hope you find at least one of these suggestions helpful. Good luck!

~~ Kelly

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Dog Chews Wooden Kennel