Dog Bed Wetting Problem

Kelly Roper
Owner on the bed, dog on the floor

Dog Wets Bed

Visitor Question

  • My dog is 10 months old, in good health, and appears to be a happy dog. He is house broken and I allow him to sleep with me, but he has begun to wet the bed. He wets nothing else just the bed. Please advise.

Thanks~~ Linda Pope

Expert Reply

Hi Linda,

There could be two things going on here.

First, it may have been an accident the first time your pet wet your bed, but if the urine soaked all the way to the mattress, he'll still be able to smell it. This will draw him back to the bed for more wetting.

Second, wetting is the way a male marks his territory. He may see himself as dominant over you, and feel it is his duty to keep watch over you while you sleep, hence the marking.

Whatever the cause, the only sure way to put a stop to the urinating is to not let him sleep in your bed. You could certainly try using a dog urine cleaner on the mattress, but I think the best solution is to provide him with a nice bed of his own, and not allow him on your bed anymore.

Thanks for your question.~~ Kelly

Dog Bed Wetting Problem