Places to Find Affordable All-Natural Dog Food

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Rising concerns about what we feed our pets have made many of us seek out discount pet food all natural products. We want organic ingredients without chemical binders and fillers. Feeding our pets in this way can seem a little costly, but in the long run, spending a little more on our pets' food will save us money on vet bills by keeping our dogs healthy.

Where to Find Affordable Natural Pet Food

Although many premium organic pet foods offer few if any discounts, some do have monthly coupons, and some retailers do not have a high mark up on pet foods. Finding out the best places to buy natural pet foods can save you a little money so that you can still afford that new designer leash and matching collar.

Local Pet Suppliers

Finding discount pet food all natural kibble and saving money on other supplies is often best done at a local pet supply retailer. Many cities have a Petco or Petsmart retail store. These stores carry a large selection of pet foods, and some of them are all natural and organic.

If your community does not have a chain store that carries natural pet foods, you may take a look at your local feed store. Feed stores are most often associated with feed and supplies for farm animals such as horses and chickens. However, many of them do carry high quality, natural dog foods. These types of stores are sometimes less expensive than the chain stores, and by shopping with them, you are supporting the local economy.

Online Pet Food Retailers

There are many all natural pet food retailers on the Internet. The discounts they are able to offer you are sometimes based on having less overhead than their brick and mortar competitors. The majority of discounts offered are based upon shipping costs. Many of the online pet food retailers are able to offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount. This encourages the consumer to buy in bulk; this in turn reduces labor costs for handling. That said, exercise caution when purchasing pet food in large quantities. All natural pet foods are often free from preservatives and will expire before you get a chance to use them if you buy too much.

Coupon Resources for All-Natural Dog Food

Some of the all natural pet food manufacturers offer discounted prices online or have coupon codes available for people who subscribe to their newsletters or frequent their websites.

Some of these companies include:

Another source of discounts for natural dog foods can come from pet food warehouses. There are many online warehouse retailers that either offer limited special pricing and/or bulk discounts. Some sites may even consistently charge less for a given brand of natural pet food. If you feel comfortable shopping online for your organic pet food, you may wish to consider:

Be sure to factor in the cost of shipping when you are purchasing from an online retailer. A few dollars less on the initial price does you no good if the pet food costs the same or even more once shipping charges are added to the final price. Bear in mind that it will be more difficult to return pet food that must be shipped back to the retailer if you are dissatisfied with it for any reason. If you are trying a new pet food for the first time, you may wish to buy it locally first.

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Places to Find Affordable All-Natural Dog Food