Did I Miss My Dog's Season?

Kelly Roper
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Visitor asks, "Did I Miss My Dog's Season?"

I'm not sure, but I think I may have missed my girl's heat. She sits down during breeding. The stud slipped out both times he penetrated her! Why don't they lock up?~~Bobbi

Expert Reply

Hi Bobbi,

For whatever reason, you're bitch doesn't seem to want to cooperate with the breeding. You may be a little too early or a little too late in her cycle.

Your male may not be able to complete the breeding for a number of reasons.

  • Is he an experienced stud? If not, your bitch's refusal to participate will make it more difficult for him to achieve a tie. A more experienced stud is a more determined stud.
  • Your stud may also not be able to achieve a tie because your bitch isn't sufficiently open for him to maintain penetration. Again, this links to breeding during the optimum time during the cycle.

All you can really do is keep trying for the next couple of days. Watch your bitch to see if she begins displaying flirtatious behavior such as tail flagging and swinging her rear around when petted. This is the kind of behavior that indicates a bitch feels ready to breed. If she still refuses, then you'll have to wait until her next cycle to attempt another breeding.

Thanks for your question~~ Kelly


Did I Miss My Dog's Season?