Advice for a Dog With Painful Hot Spots

Welsh Corgi

"Could my dog have hot spots?" We hear that question a lot. Hot spots can make dogs miserable. See what the Dog Expert advises.

Visitor: Could My Dog Have Hot Spots?

My seven-year-old Corgi seems to be having a skin infection. There are two spots on her back; one is dry and crusted. The other is a larger patch with a green sticky discharge and the skin looks raw.

I'm not sure if she's itching. I have not seen her flipping on her back or rubbing against anything. What is it? Is ths mange? Her face and paws are fine and she seems her usual playful self.

Thank you ~~ Vanessa

Expert Reply

Hi Vanessa,

What you're describing sounds quite a lot like hot spots. Dogs get them for a variety of reasons, but basically something irritates the skin enough to cause your dog to chew at it. Once the skin is broken, opportunistic bacteria have a chance to cause infection.

The scabbed hot spot is probably trying to heal, but the pus-filled spot is definitely infected. I'd honestly recommend letting your vet take a look at it, but you may be able to clean the spot yourself with warm soapy water. If you're able to do this, you can follow up with a product called Sulfadene, sold at most pet supply stores. It is used to stop any itching and help the spot heal. I'd also recommend applying some to the other spot that is scabbed over.

This should help your dog's condition, but if things don't look better in a couple of days, go ahead and make the vet appointment.

Thanks for your question~~ Kelly


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Advice for a Dog With Painful Hot Spots