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Newborn puppies

Cheap whelping boxes are easier to create for small dogs than for large ones. If your dog is about to have puppies and you aren't prepared, don't worry. There are quick and easy boxes that won't break the budget.

What Is a Whelping Box?

A whelping box is merely a place for your dog to have her puppies comfortably. Since this will be where the pups spend the first weeks of their lives, it should have 12 to 18 inch sides to keep the puppies safely inside.

The box should be easy to clean. After all, your dog will be giving birth in it, and then the puppies will be living there. Not only is cleanliness important to keep the current litter of puppies healthy, you may want to use it again for another litter.

There should also be some kind of pad on the floor to make it comfortable for your dog since she will be spending a lot of time in the box. The whelping box should be large enough for your dog to lie down and stretch out. There should also be enough space that she has room to turn around without stepping on a puppy and lie down to nurse the puppies easily. If the box is too big, a puppy can get pushed away from the mother and become chilled.

Lastly, the box should be convenient so you can easily care for your dog and her puppies.

Cheap Whelping Boxes for Small Dogs

The smaller the dog, the easier it is to come up with an inexpensive whelping box. Here are some ideas for your small dog.

Cardboard Box

One of the least expensive whelping boxes is simply a cardboard box. Make sure it is big enough that your dog can stretch out in it.The nice thing about a cardboard box is that, once you no longer need the whelping box, you can simply throw it away.

Plastic Storage Bin

A plastic storage bin can also be used as a whelping box. You want to use the under-the-bed storage type so that the sides will be short enough for the bitch to easily get in and out. If you decide to use plastic, fold old towels on the bottom to ensure there is no chance that your dog will slip when she is moving around.

Cheap Boxes for Larger Breeds

Larger dogs need more space in the whelping box. If you have a mid-size breed, you may still be able to find a cardboard box. Check with appliance stores and home improvement stores that carry items that would require bigger boxes. If you can't find one, you still have some inexpensive alternatives.

Kiddie Pool

A hard-sided plastic kiddie pool usually costs less than twenty dollars, and you can get them in several sizes. They are also easy to clean. These pools will last for several litters of puppies.

Build Your Own

If you can hammer a nail, you can probably build a simple whelping box for very little money. Use untreated lumber that is at least 12 inches wide. Make a square, bottomless box. Depending on where you will be keeping your dog when she has her puppies, you can place plastic under the box and then add towels, an old quilt or some other padding to protect your floor.

Whelping Box Plans

If you want to build your own cheap whelping box you can find plans on the Internet. Here are some to get you started:

You can improvise to create cheap whelping boxes without too much trouble. Just spend some time looking at whelping boxes so you know how they are made.

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Cheap Whelping Boxes