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When you want to really dive deep into a specific dog topic, the best place to go is to the experts. Whether it's the most helpful and innovative products to use, the latest in our understanding of canine behavior or what professional services exist for increasing your dog's health and safety, you'll learn about the best tips and tools to care for your dog.

Expert Canine Health Care

One of the toughest aspects of owning a dog is how short their lifespan is. On the plus side, innovations in medical care have made it easier to help our dogs live longer and healthier lives.

DNA Testing Dogs

Canine genetic testing that not only tells you what kind of breeds are in your dog's heritage, but what congenital diseases your dog may be at risk for. This knowledge can point you toward the diseases and disorders you should know the signs and symptoms of and ways you can provide exercise and nutrition to prevent future problems.

Canine Fitness Tips

There's more to keeping a dog healthy than just good nutrition. Many dogs don't get enough exercise and the more you provide them, the more you'll both derive health benefits.

Natural Health for Dogs

If you prefer to go a holistic route, a canine naturopath can provide advice on treating parasites without harsh medications. Reducing the toxic substances in your dog's system can also boost their immunity.

Expert Dog Behavior and Training Advice

Sometimes training a dog can be harder that it seems after you've read a book or watched a video. Or the dog has behavior issues that you feel overwhelmed by. There are many experts in the field of training and behavior who can help you with your pooch.

Dealing with Fearful Dogs

Living with a dog with thunderstorm anxiety can be difficult, especially during the summer when storms happen often. Dogs that have separation anxiety can be destructive not only to your home but to themselves. If you have a dog that has fears and anxieties, a professional behavior consultant can work with you in conjunction with a veterinarian.

Training Challenges

Housetraining a dog can be a simple process, unless you have a schedule that works against you or a dog that is afraid of the crate. On the other hand, you may fly through housetraining with ease and your training challenges lie with teaching your dog something harder, like becoming a certified therapy dog or pulling a sled.

Expert Dog Nutrition Information

There are so many types of dog food on the market today that the dog owner who wants to pick the best choice can feel overwhelmed. You can choose from dry food, canned food, raw food and even dehydrated dog food. Add in to that supplements like Omega 3 fatty acids and coconut oil and it's a lot to keep up with. Thankfully there are nutritional experts eager to provide their input on helping your dog live their best life.

Do Your Best Research

Owning a dog can involve so many things you need to be aware of, from health care to proper nutrition to the latest information on training and behavior. There's so much information available on the internet and it can be confusing for a new or even experienced dog owner. Looking for people who have clear expertise in their topic area can help you find information that's reliable. Your veterinary clinic is also a great source of information when you're not sure where to go!

Dog Expert Interviews