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Article Highlight: Dog Skin Allergies and Treatment Options

Dealing with your dog's skin problems can leave you feeling frustrated and your dog feeling miserable. What causes a dog's skin problems? How can you control them? What can you do to make your dog feel better? Keep reading »

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Reading dog expert interviews is a great way for you to learn what the experts already know about your dog. From food to behavior to proper care and health issues, expert interviews can enlighten you about what your dog needs.

About Dog Expert Interviews

Each month, a special dog expert is selected to answer questions about the things you need to know. These experts come from all areas of dog care. If your dog has thunderstorm anxiety, there's an interview to address that problem. If your dog has skin issues, you'll find a dog expert interview to address it. Wondering about the best dog foods? You'll find interviews that will answer your questions - even questions you didn't know you had.

There will be times in your dog's life that you'll have concerns only an expert can address. While it is always recommended that you speak directly to your vet about serious health issues, you can still find valuable tips and information right here.

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Dog expert interviews aren't just for addressing your worries about dog health. They are also a great way to learn about new products or discover alternative schools of thought regarding pet health, nutrition and training. It's always fun to learn about new things; especially when those things relate to your best furry friend.

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