Canine Anatomy Illustrations

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Animal anatomical engraving

Many anatomy illustrations are created with veterinary professionals in mind, while others are geared towards general dog enthusiasts. No matter which group you belong to, these illustrations can give you a better understanding of a dog's inner workings.

Biological Dog Anatomy Illustrations

The following canine anatomy illustrations offer a look at various systems within the dog's body. Although these pictures are fairly basic, they still offer insight that can help the average dog owner gain a working idea of what's beneath all that fur.

Laurie O'Keefe is a noted biological artist who has created many beautiful canine anatomy illustrations, and she is certified by Colorado State University as a Medical Illustrator. Her work appears in many educational and instructional publications and is also used in presentations and on websites. Some of the illustrations in the chart below are her work and are used with her permission.

Canine Anatomy Illustrations
Internal organs; Used with permission from Laurie O'Keefe
Internal organs
Olfactory system; Used with permission from Laurie O'Keefe
Olfactory System
Dog anal gland system
Anal Glands
Another view of internal organs; Used with permission from Laurie O'Keefe
Another View of Organs
Male reproductive system
Male Reproductive System
Female reproductive system
Female Reproductive System

More Resources for Dog Anatomy Diagrams

There are many books and other resources that offer an in depth look at a dog's anatomy. The following resources are available online as well as at local book stores.

Dog Anatomy: A Pictorial Approach

Dog Anatomy: A Pictoral Approach by Peter C. Goody offers clear and precise illustrations of the skeletal-muscular system of canines. Each diagram is meticulously labeled with little additional text since the book truly takes a pictorial approach to the topic. If you're a visual learner and don't want to get lost in a lot of additional reading, this book gets straight to the point.

Saunders Veterinary Anatomy Flash Cards

Saunders Veterinary Anatomy Flash Cards includes 350 illustrations that are indexed by body system. Learn the term for each part as well as its clinical definition. The set is an excellent tool for veterinary students.

Guide to the Dissection of the Dog

Guide to the Dissection of the Dog by Howard E. Evans Ph.D and Alexander de Lahunta DVM, Ph.D is another solid resource suited for veterinary students. This book contains over 300 illustrations with detailed descriptions of canine anatomic structures.

Miller's Anatomy of the Dog

Miller's Anatomy of the Dog by Howard E. Evans Ph.D and Alexander de Lahunta DVM, Ph.D is the 4th edition which has been updated to include the most current information and veterinary terminology. The illustrations are in full color and very detailed, and the chapters are organized by body system. The book is a great resource for veterinarians and veterinary students, but it's also useful for dog breeders and anyone who wants to educate his or herself about canine anatomy.

Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy

Dog Anatomy: A Coloring Atlas by Robert A. Kainer and Thomas O. McCracken includes 195 black and white line drawings for the reader to color. In addition to the illustrations, the book offers information on common illnesses related to each body system. This is especially helpful information for breeders and owners as it can alert them to when their dogs may need veterinary care.

Fascinating to Study

Even though these anatomical illustrations are mainly referred to by veterinarians, you don't have to be a vet student to enjoy learning more about your pet's body by reviewing dog anatomy pictures. Start out with the simple illustrations in the chart above, and then move on to more in depth illustrations and texts as your interest grows. Everything you learn about your pet's internal functions can help you care for him better in the long run.

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Canine Anatomy Illustrations