Boarding Your Dog at Disneyland

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You may not have thought of boarding your dog at Disneyland during your vacation, but you really can. Our Two Minute Dog Advice columnist Wendy Nan Rees offers info and tips to help your trip to the Magic Kingdom go smoothly.

About Boarding Your Dog at Disneyland

I have lived in California for over twenty years, and have probably visited Disneyland at least 50 times. Somehow, I have never visited their kennel before. You read right, Disneyland has a kennel for the travelers who bring their pets because pets aren't allowed in the park.

Why, you ask, would anyone bring their pets to Disneyland? I had the same question myself so I decided to visit the kennel and ask a few questions. We've talked about how to travel with your pet, and now I think we should talk about when you should bring your pet and whether it is always a good idea.

Kennel at the Park

The majority of people who board their dogs at the Disneyland kennel are people who are either traveling for the entire weekend or a summer holiday in their RV. They want to spend a few days at Disneyland, so what are they to do? Conveniently, Disneyland provides a kennel for these occasions, although you must make a reservation at least one month in advance. When asked, the Disney kennel manager told me that some of their clients are people who just do not want to leave the family pet at home, so they bring it to the park, not realizing pets aren't allowed unless they are service or working dogs.

I was impressed with the kennel itself. It was small yet clean, with kennels like you might find in a daily grooming shop. There were a few staff people I was able to meet, and the fees ranged from $10.00 per pet, to up to $13.00 for an overnight stay. The fee depends on the size of kennel you need for your pet.

Other Options for Boarding Your Dog Near Disneyland

If you are planning on traveling to Disneyland with your pet, and you're not sure you actually want to board your dog at the park all day, you can check out other options. If you plan on staying at a hotel, ask if pets are allowed. Many of today's hotels are pet friendly, and your dog can stay in the room just like any other family member. Just make sure you understand the rules since each establishment will have their own set of guidelines.

Driving with Your Pet

Make sure you are aware of key concerns related to dogs and travel before setting out on a trip to Disneyland (or anywhere else) with your dog. Remember, if you are driving with your pet never leave them alone in your car.

  • It is against the law in some states.
  • It can get very hot in a closed car, where your pet can get over-heated within minutes of turning off the engine.

Also in Florida

Disney World in Orlando, Florida also advertises that if you travel with your pet and need a cool, safe place to leave them, Disney has kennel services available. Although you can pay extra to have kennel staff feed your dog, you should really plan to exercise your dog yourself several time throughout the day. For all the info you need to know prior to boarding your dog, visit

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Boarding Your Dog at Disneyland