Advice on the Best Kennel Floor

Kelly Roper
Mastiff pup

One visitor would like some advice on the best kennel floor for his dog.

What's the Best Kennel Floor?

I have a five-month-old English Mastiff that weighs about 112 pounds. I have a kennel attached to my home, but I haven't decided on ground cover yet.

My previous experience in cleanup was pretty messy when I used a gravel floor, and this puppy loves to eat rocks. How do you feel about large patio stone resting on sand, and some grass? Would it hurt his paws in any way? It's a pretty large area, and my intention is to keep him in the kennel while I'm cutting the lawn, etc.

Thanks~~ BJ

Expert Reply

Hi BJ,

I'd actually recommend pouring a graded concrete slab.

This dog is going to be very heavy when he finishes growing. I'm a little worried that he may break nails in the grooves between the patio stones. More than that, I'm imagining the smell when the urine collects in the sand. The concrete would be far easier to clean, and you can even use a sealer on it if you wish.

If you want a durable kennel floor that will stand up to the kind of wear and tear that a Mastiff naturally entails, I think concrete is your best solution. You can certainly leave some of the ground covered in grass, depending on how large the run is, but it will make maintenance more difficult.

Thanks for your question~~ Kelly

Advice on the Best Kennel Floor