Rat Terrier Dog Pictures

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Awesome Rat Terrier Dog Pictures

Rat Terrier dog pictures portray a lively breed that makes an adventurous companion. These dogs aren't quite as common as some of the other Terrier breeds, but they're worth getting to know.

Athletic and Playful

Rat Terriers are athletic little dogs with plenty of energy. They are quick-witted and make playful family companions.


Rat Terriers come in many colors, but according to the breed standard, they should have some white in their coat.

Size Varieties

Bred more for the purpose of hunting vermin rather than for "type," a number of other breeds are in the Rat Terrier's background. Currently Ratties come in three different sizes including toy, miniature and standard.

Active Seniors

Rat Terriers are fairly long-lived, and many live as long as 18 years. These dogs also remain active well into their senior years.

Rat Terrier Profile

For some people, it's difficult to tell a Rat Terrier from a Chihuahua. Chihuahuas have distinctly domed foreheads and short muzzles, but this Rat Terrier dog picture clearly shows that this breed has a longer muzzle and less prominent forehead.

Totally Devoted

Rat Terriers truly love their special people, and they are incredibly loyal to them. Once one of these dogs becomes a part of your life, it's hard to live without him.

More Terrier Information

If you enjoyed these pictures, perhaps you're ready to find a Rat Terrier breeder or rescue group with dogs available for sale or adoption. Or, maybe you're ready to learn about more types of Terriers. If so, check out these Cairn Terrier Pictures.

Kelly Roper
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Rat Terrier Dog Pictures