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10 Cutest Puppy Videos

Cute chihuahua puppy

Two of the cutest subjects for videos on the Internet have to be babies and animals. Put the two together and you'll get the ultimate coalescence of cuteness. After you've indulged in some kittens failing spectacularly, watch some of the most adorable puppy videos this side of the world wide web.

Cuteness Overload With Puppies

Observe an innocent little puppy for any length of time and you'll inevitably be hit with a massive dose of delight that will truly melt your heart.

Boo: The World's Cutest Dog

Feline fans might have Grumpy Cat, but dog devotees have Boo. The adorable Pomeranian is easily one of the most famous puppies on the Internet. He even has a book to prove it!

Napping Buddies

If you have ever wondered if drowsiness is contagious, look no further than this video of a puppy who falls asleep next to its human infant companion. They'll be best friends forever.

A Basket of Adorable

What's cuter than an adorable ball of fur? A whole basket of adorable balls of fur! These Bichon Frise littermates are relaxing in a laundry basket when one of them decides that the camera is far more interesting.

Playing Pomsky Puppies

Unusual crosses between different breeds can yield overwhelmingly cute results. Case in point: these Pomsky (a cross between a Pomeranian and a Husky) puppies have the most adorable bright blue eyes.

Spring Into Battle

Puppies are encountering things in the real world for the very first time. The only way they learn is through experience and experimentation, as demonstrated by this little pup attacking a doorstop.

Falling Asleep in the "Shower"

A mere two weeks old, this precious little one was rescued from a dumpster and has been in human care ever since. He is enjoying its "shower" in the sink so much, he's almost falling asleep!

A Profound Conversation

No one really understands baby babble, just as no one truly understands what a dog might be barking about. Put the two cuties together and they can engage in quite the discussion about who knows what.

A Howling Good Time

The English Bulldog may have a reputation for being a gruff and rough breed, but the little puppies are just as vulnerable as any other breed. Watch this wrinkly pup howl for attention.

Teaching a Young Dog New Tricks

How old does a puppy need to be before she can learn tricks? As this video demonstrates, puppies as young as 12 weeks can already have a giant repertoire of commands and abilities, including shaking paws, looking sad, and leaping over legs!

We Can Just All Get Along

It has been said that there exists no greater divide than between dog people and cat people. But if a new mother cat can adopt an orphaned puppy, surely we can all get along too.

Every Dog Has His Day

As the tiny pooches venture out and explore this vast world, they'll have many lessons to learn. This is true whether they're Golden Retrievers or a more quirky dog breed, but they're only going to be puppies for so long. Treasure those precious little moments and capture them on video!

10 Cutest Puppy Videos