10 Funniest Dog Names

1. Wigglebutt

Name your dog something true to its nature. Wigglebutt is a pretty safe choice considering most dogs wiggle away when they're excited.

2. Fabio

Admit it; you can totally picture this dog on the cover of a romance novel.

3. Jabba

This dog's name would only be funnier if you gave it a Princess Leia doll to carry around in its mouth.

4. Killer

Just because your dog doesn't strike fear into the hearts of would-be intruders doesn't mean you can't give it a delightfully ironic name.

5. Sir Barksalot

A regal name for a barking dog, Sir Barksalot lends a little dignity to your dog's vocal propensities.

6. Doctor Unhinged

Some dogs are just plain nuts. Celebrate your dog's unorthodox mannerisms with this funny name.

7. Notorious Deeogee

Your four-legged hip-hop mongrel (like mogul...get it?) deserves a name that gives him street cred.

8. Piddles

"What does your dog do?"

"He piddles everywhere."

"Wait, I think we're on to something...."

9. Gatsby

When people ask you what you named your Great Dane you can reply, "Gatsby" and see how long it takes for people to get the literary joke.

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10. Minion

There's nothing quite like calling out, "Come, Minion!" and having one show up. Give this name to your dog and you'll enjoy the feeling of ordering around your personal henchman.

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10 Funniest Dog Names