5 Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags to Consider

Picking up dog poop

No one on this great green earth wants to trample through doggy droppings. However, throwing said excrement into a plastic bag causes a whole new issue when it comes to the environment since plastic is not known for its ability to break down. Is there a better solution for your doggy's droppings? Yes. Biodegradable dog poo bags are the way to go.

What's a Biodegradable Poo Bag?

Instead of the typical, not-eco-friendly bags usually made from polyethylene, biodegradable bags are most often crafted from resin that's derived from plants, vegetable oils, and compostable polymers like polyvinyl alcohol (or PVA). You get none of the yucky non-green materials and a bag that disintegrates easily.

Disposing of Used Poo Bags

While you might not find it appealing to carry around your doggy's waste and bring it home with you, doing so is at minimum useful, not to mention that it's an environmentally friendly way to be a good neighbor while curbing your dog.

  • Use for Composting - Think about it, what is the best natural fertilizer? Poop. Therefore, keeping dog droppings for your yard might not be such a bad thing. The great thing about biodegradable bags is they give transport to get your pup's stools so you can bring them home sans mess and stink, and they break down in your compost bin so you can utilize that poo as fertilizer for your flower bed.
  • Flush It Down the Toilet - If you're not into composting, there are some biodegradable bags you can flush down your toilet. The plastic will disappear rather than stacking up in the sewage treatment plants. Lastly, biodegradable bags break down much quicker in a landfill as well. That means there won't be hundreds of thousands of 'duty bags' filling up the dump thanks to a biodegradable bag.

The Cost

You might think going green will cost you a lot more than just using a plain old plastic bag. However, biodegradable bags are not necessarily cost prohibitive. In fact, many prices fall under $20 for a couple hundred. Like any other product, you can get the Mercedes of biodegradable bags at a slightly higher price point. Nevertheless, green dog poo bags are affordable, safe and even chic.

Five Products to Try

There is a large range of options when it comes to curbing your dog the green way. All the following products will break down, and each tackles the task of dog curbing with relative ease.

Earth Rated Poop Bags

Earth Rated Dog Waste Bags
Earth Rated Dog Waste Bags

Honestly, poop doesn't smell pleasant. Even when you stuff it in your puppy poop bag, there's still an odor. What's great about Earth Rated Poop Bags is they come packing a fresh lavender smell, yet they are still biodegradable. You can bring them home to throw in your compost pile, without carrying around the yucky smells on your way home. They are also affordable. You can pick up a package from Hip Hound Shop for around $7 for 120 bags. Features include:

  • Large enough to hold every size of dog droppings
  • Bags come pre-rolled, so they are easy to fit in a standard leash dispenser
  • Roll cores are biodegradable too

Reviewers praise the bags for being durable, smelling great, and not tearing when mulch becomes part of the cleanup process.


Dispoz-A-Scoop Bags
Dispoz-A-Scoop Bags

Oh yes, the scooping conundrum. Grabbing that puppy poo with only a thin bag protecting your hands isn't the most enjoyable activity. Pet Pro Products Dispoz-A-Scoop bags take care of that not-so-fresh feeling for you as they come complete with a scooping mechanism. This means no more need for brooms, shovels, newspapers, or hands to pick up after your pet. Some reviewers note they are the perfect solution for the owner that's constantly on the road. They are 99 percent biodegradable, which means you cannot flush these down the toilet, but they still provide an environmentally friendly way to scoop your dog's poop. Features include:

  • Easy and patented, 'no-touch' pick up mechanism
  • Airtight, waterproof seal so you don't have to worry about leakage
  • Large enough for larger dogs

At around $30 for 96 bags, this is a pricier alternative than other options. However, for the squeamish dog owner who literally can't handle their dog's poop, this is an environmentally and more portable option than carrying a shovel or scooper and plastic bags.

Flush Puppies Doggie Bags

Flush Puppies Doodie Bags
Flush Puppies Doodie Bags

Not everyone wants to compost their puppy poops or have stinky bags of poop biodegrading in their trash. That's when a flushable bag, like Flush Puppies Flushable & Certified Compostable Doggie Bags, makes curbing your pooch clean and easy. These baggies, made from Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) aka a water soluble, eco-friendly alternative to plastic, breaks down on firm ground or in water. One reviewer mentions leaving them outside will cause them to disintegrate quickly, but it gives you peace of mind when flushing. Features include:

  • Breaks down in water
  • Fits standard dispensers
  • Bags are extra thick to protect against messes

The bags cost less than $10 for 60 and are available at most pet stores or on Chewy.com.

Pets N Bags Dog Waste Bags

Pets N Bags Dog Waste Bags
Pets N Bags Dog Waste Bags

Everyone likes nifty gifts when they make a purchase. Pets N Bags Dog Waste Bags gives you a neat little leash dispenser to keep your biodegradable bags in - all for less than $12 for 240 bags. It's like getting a gift for cleaning up your puppy's gifts. Other features include:

  • Allergy free for extra-sensitive pups
  • Water resistant coating to reduce odor
  • 100 percent oxo-biodegradable

These bags are easy to use with multiple pets and reviewers note that the bags are highly durable despite tearing them off of the roll each time you use one.

Gorilla Supply Pet Poop Bags

Gorilla Supply Dog Poop Bags
Gorilla Supply Dog Poop Bags

Sure they might not have the boutique feel of the other excrement bags, but these babies get the job done - for a long time. Gorilla Supply 1000 Blue Dog Pet Poop Bags do exactly what they say they'll do: provide you with a metric ton of top-quality, biodegradable poop bags at under $15 for one thousand bags. Gorilla Pet Poop bags also feature:

  • A dispenser
  • Coreless, so there is no additional waste
  • Large 9 x 12 inches can handle large jobs
  • Made from EPI plastic (oxo-biodegradable)

Reviewers say the bags are worth the purchase due to the high quality, price, and quantity of this product.

End Your Poop Problems

Say bye to those old-fashioned, non-biodegradable bags. Not being eco-friendly is so yesterday. Affordable, convenient, practically mess-free, and potentially good for your yard, biodegradable poo bags are the way to go.

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5 Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags to Consider