Giving Tendon Chews As Dog Treats

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Dogs need chewy treats to keep their teeth in good health. You have different options for chew toys for your dog, including tendons. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the properties of tendons for your dog before you head down to the local pet store to shop.

Tendons As Dog Treats

Tendons are only one of the many items that you can use as a dog treat. Tendons are tough, flexible cords of fibrous collagen tissue that attach muscles to bones, and they do not make good meat for human consumption. Therefore, they are separated from the meat commercially produced for humans. They are then wound into a corkscrew shape or twisted together in pairs. This spiral shape is what helps the tendons to clean a dog's teeth as he chews them.

Tendons vs. Rawhide

Tendons are different than rawhide chewy treats. Rawhide comes from the skin of animals, while a tendon is basically sinew, such as the Achilles tendon. Some pet owners do not like to give their dogs rawhide treats because a dog may have difficulty digesting them. Rawhide been known to cause intestinal blockages in some dogs. It also presents a choking hazard, particularly when a piece is chewed down small enough to fit inside a dog's mouth.

The best thing to do is discuss both types of treats with your dog's veterinarian to determine which one is the best chewy treat option. Whichever treat you choose, make sure it is high quality and domestically produced. Domestically-produced tendons have the benefit of being subject to American law and health regulations.

Where to Find Tendon Chews

You can, of course, purchase tendons for your dog down at the local pet store. If you purchase tendons in person, you can evaluate the quality of the tendon much closer before you purchase it. Still, the prices may be better online, and for the person who finds it difficult to find the time to go shopping in the real world, online shopping may be the better option.

  • Pet Food Direct: This website offers "flossies," a special type of tendon designed to get in between the teeth for maximum cleaning. It's virtually supposed to act like dental floss for dogs.
  • Only Natural Pet: This is another place where you can get all natural food and treats for your pet. For the person particularly concerned with keeping his or her dog on an organic diet, this is a place to poke around in. You can get a number of different tendons at this website, including the flossies that will keep your dog's teeth and gums in top shape.

When buying online, you have the advantage of being able to see what others have to say about tendons they have purchased when you read the product reviews offered with many of these products. This takes some of the guess work out of buying treats for your dog.

Tendons and Your Dog

It's always a good idea to discuss any changes or additions to your dog's diet with your veterinarian. That way you can be sure that tendons, or any other treats you want to try, are safe for you pet.

Giving Tendon Chews As Dog Treats