How Often Should You Wash Your Dog? Easy Grooming Guide

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How often should you wash your dog? It depends on their overall health and type of breed. Baths are an essential aspect of the general care of every dog. For example, a clean canine may recover from an illness more rapidly.

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

Whether you live with a basset hound or an Afghan hound, pet parents need to know how often to bathe their dog. Perhaps your dog has fleas, is incontinent, or spends the winter months in the mud, so keeping him clean is a priority. If the reason is an illness, your dog may need weekly baths prescribed by your vet. A breed with an oily coat may only need a bath once a month. There are specific rules when it comes to puppies and how often young dogs need a good scrub.

Medical Conditions Play a Factor

A skin condition or medical issue may dictate how often you need to bathe your dog. For example, a clean animal is less likely to develop severe contact dermatitis from urine scalding, which pet lovers manage if their senior dog suffers from urinary issues.

Geriatric nursing is generally tough on dog owners. If your senior dog wears a belly band or diapers, pet parents need to bathe him or spot clean with a grooming wipe once a day.

Medicated Baths May Be Necessary Every Week

If your dog has a skin allergy or fungus, a vet may recommend a medicated bath to treat the condition. The canine is given a special bath with a medicated shampoo to help with the dermatologic problem. The treatment plan may include multiple baths each week!

Certain Breeds Need Frequent Baths

The type of a dog's coat dictates how often you bathe your dog. Some types of dog breeds need a bath fairly regularly, and grooming is a priority.

  • Dogs with a double-coat, including the rottweiler, benefit from regular baths every other week.
  • Pit bulls have a smooth coat, and this type of coat only requires a grooming wipe and a bath every three months.
  • The basset hound is a dog with a lot of skin that is oily and may smell. Frequent baths every month are a good idea.
  • Any dog with hairlike fur, including poodles, needs a regular bath. Work with a groomer to schedule a session every month.
Labradoodle taking a bath

Some Dogs Are Always in the Mud

If your dog spends a lot of time outside and sleeps in your bed at night, bathe your dog. Also, if your dog enjoys a swim in a local pond or lake, it is always a good idea to get them in your tub before they're back on the couch.

There Are Rules When It Comes to Puppies

It's unlikely a puppy under eight weeks of age would come to live with you but if they do, hold off on the first bath until they're a little older. A puppy that urinates in his crate or on a pee pad may need a short bath. It's better to be safe than sorry!

Never Over-Bathe Your Dog

Regular baths are not harmful, but these may remove oils from your dog's coat that keep their skin healthy. If your best friend doesn't fall into the above breed categories and specific coat type, you can skip a regular bath and only wash them when they're dirty. A good rule of thumb is to bathe your dog every three months.

Numerous Factors Determine a Dog's Bath Routine

If there is any question about how often to bathe your puppy or follow a treatment plan for a dog with skin issues, you should consult your vet. Certain breeds may need frequent baths, and other dogs may only need time in the tub when they're dirty. Use your best judgment, and if your dog sleeps in your bed, give them a good bath.

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How Often Should You Wash Your Dog? Easy Grooming Guide