Pictures of Pug Puppies That'll Make You Want One

So Many Shoes Not Enough Time

Adorable pictures of pug puppies will make you take one home with you! Enjoy cute photos of these entertaining canines.

This forlorn puppy isn't sad because he chewed up his human's shoes. That is the look of disappointment that there are no more shoes!


Happiness is that feeling you get when you know you're loved, and your human will always take care of you. The feeling is so overwhelming for this little guy, he can't keep his eyes open. He is just so, so comfy.

Hello Blue Eyes!

You know someone is different, but you can't quite place your finger on what it is. This pug puppy isn't quite sure what to make of this adorable kitten with electric blue eyes.

It Feels So Good!

This is the look when you know something is just so right. This adorable pug puppy is king of his world and enjoying every second of it.

Security Pillow

It's a special feeling when you finally find your security pillow. The frantic search is over and this pup is exhausted, but happy.

Falling Asleep

Remember when you were young and could fall asleep wherever you were without a care in the world. This puppy knows exactly how that feels.

Ascot Pup

When you have to ask, "What is an ascot and who wears one?" This puppy obviously wears his with unabashed adorable style, but isn't very pleased about it.

Mistaken Identity

That look you give when someone mistakenly calls you a teacup poodle. This adorable pug pup wins the award for the most indignant look of any puppy - ever.

Hoodie Cutie

Your choice of clothing when your human says, "Get dressed we're going to a Rocky movie marathon!" This puppy looks like a diehard Rocky fan and is eager to grab a good seat at the theater.

That Guy!

There's always that one guy who didn't get the text that the party dress was casual. This little guy is just so cute. His personality shines through with a definite look of mischief in his expression.

Roll in the Hay

When you just can't resist a good roll in the hay. This little girl is having a hay day while the sun is shining and enjoying every second of it.

Day Off!

Some days you just feel like you need a day off! Don't be afraid to rejoin the real world when you're feeling better.

First Kiss

Your first kiss and you don't know what to do! This sweet puppy will soon figure it out!

Explanations and Excuses
More Details"

That moment you know that no amount of explanations or excuses can adequately convey what happened. How can any puppy be more adorable than this black pug?

Please, Can I, Mommy?

The feeling you get when you know your forever home just found you!

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Pictures of Pug Puppies That'll Make You Want One