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Cancer Awareness Apparel for Dogs

Cancer awareness pup

If you're committed to help raise awareness of the importance of fighting cancer, consider getting your pooch involved. Go beyond just wearing cancer awareness apparel that promotes awareness of your favorite charity yourself and outfit your canine companion to match!

Outfitting Your Dog for Cancer Awareness

Whether your dog will be joining you in a charity event to raise money for cancer research or to help people who are living with the disease, or if you just want to draw extra attention to the cause during your daily walks or runs, there are several canine attire options that can meet your needs.

Neckwear Choices

You can dress up your dog's neck with a pink ribbon or tulle to raise awareness for breast cancer. Alternately, yellow embellishments can be used to focus attention on the efforts of the LIVESTRONG organization. You may even be able to find a dog collar imprinted with a cancer awareness message from, another online retailer or your local pet store.

Garment Options

It's also possible to find shirts with cancer logos that dogs can wear. The Bark for a Cure tank available through Amazon is a great option. Depending on your dog's size, you may also be able to utilize an infant, toddler or children's shirt marked with the logo of your favorite charity. You can always choose a plain dog T-shirt in an appropriate color and dress it up with coordinating ribbons or other add-ons.

Finishing Touches

If you have your dog groomed, you can take your efforts to raise awareness a step further by having ribbons in appropriate colors for cancer awareness placed in your pet's hair. You can even paint your pooch's nails to match the attire that you select.

Making a Difference with Your Pooch

Together, you and your well-dressed pooch will help raise awareness of the importance of contributing to the cancer charities focused on finding a cure and providing assistance to those living with the disease.

Cancer Awareness Apparel for Dogs