160 Popular Japanese Dog Names With Meanings

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If you're Japanese, have a Japanese breed of dog, or just love Japanese culture, these names for dogs are for you. These Japanese dog names cover a variety of meanings, from animals and flowers to personal qualities and nature.

Cool Male Japanese Dog Names

These Japanese dog names would definitely sound cool with a Japanese breed like an Akita or any type of dog that has a spitz-type appearance.

Name Meaning
Akio bold hero; bright man
Chiko thousand
Dai large
Daiki big; shining
Haruki spring child
Hiro widespread
Hisashi consistency
Ichiro first-born child
Izumi spring
Jiro second son
Juro best wishes; a long life
Kaemon joyful; right-handed
Kano manly strength or power
Katsumi win over the sea
Kazue a blessing
Keiji joyous
Ken health and strong
Kenji second-born son who is intelligent and strong
Kenjiro second-born son who has great insight
Kentaro big boy; sharp
Kiyoshi pure; bright
Koji little one
Kosuke rising sun
Makoto truth; genuine
Manzo third-born son who has the strength of a thousand
Naoki tree of truth
Natsuo birth of summer
Raidon gold of thunder
Reik law
Roka the white crest of a wave
Seeichi sincere one
Seiji lawful; one who manages the state
Suzu long-lived crane
Tadashi loyal and faithful
Taro big boy; first-born son
Tetsu philosophy; iron
Tomo intelligence and wisdom
Yamato Old Japan
Yoshi quiet
Yukio happy boy
Yuval lily child
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Cute Female Japanese Dog Names

The Japanese names for female dogs have lovely meanings and would do well for a petite Japanese Chin or any beautiful female dog.

Name Meaning
Ahma black rain
Aiko love and affection
Akari bright white jasmine
Akemi bright and beautiful
Amaya night rain
Aoi hollyhock; blue
Atsuko honest child
Aya colorful
Ayame iris flower
Bashira joyful
Chinatsu thousand summers
Chiyo thousand generations
Chō butterfly
Chōko butterfly child
Emi beautiful smile
Eriko child; cove/inlet
Etsuko joyous child
Fumiko intellectual or wise
Fuyuko winter child
Hana flower
Hanae flower picture
Hanako flower child
Haruko spring child
Hayami a rare beauty
Himari ball of light; home of light
Hiroko generous or tolerant child
Hitomi pupil in one's eye
Hoshi star
Hoshiko star
Ichika summer
Kairi ocean village
Kameko child of the tortoise
Kami divine aura
Kiko honorable
Koko stork
Mana affection
Mariko true; straight
Michie gateway; dropping a flower gracefully
Midori green
Mieko a blessed and beautiful child
Miki stem of a flower
Miya beauty
Nara heavenly flower
Niko benevolence
Risa growing flowers at home
Sara music; happiness
Suzu bell
Tamika people
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Cute Japanese Dog Names for Boy and Girl Puppies

These Japanese names are unisex and can be adorable choices for a new female or male puppy.

Name Meaning
Aki bright; autumn
Akira bright and clear
Asuka tomorrow; fragrance
Chihiro a thousand searches
Hachi eight; bee; flowerpot
Haru spring; clear weather
Hibiki echo; sound
Hikari light
Jun obedient
Kaede maple tree
Kaoru fragrance
Kin gold
Kohaku amber
Maki true
Masumi true clarity
Michi path
Nao honest
Ren lotus; love
Rin severe; cold; dignified
Shiki the four seasons
Shinobu endurance
Shion aster
Shun talented person
Sora sky
Takara jewel; treasure
Tsubasa wing
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Japanese Anime Female Dog Names

Anime and manga are popular forms of Japanese culture known throughout the world. If you're a fan, you can choose some names based on prominent female characters.

Name Source Meaning
Akame Akame ga Kill
Aken Highschool DxD
Asuna Sword Art Online

Fairy Tail

Esdeath Akame ga Kill
Hinata Naruto sunny place; sunflower
Homura Naruto blaze; flame
Inori Guilty Crown prayer
Katara Avatar: The Last Airbender water droplet
Kushina Naruto Shippūden nine goods
Mikasa Attack on Titan three bamboo hats
Motoko Ghost in the Shell
Rias Highschool DxD
Riza Full Metal Alchemist
Rukia Bleach rue flower
Ryuko Kill la Kill dragon
Saeko Highschool of the Dead serene child
Sakura Naruto cherry blossom
Sinon Sword Art Online 2
Temari Naruto, Naruto Shippūden hand of heaven or sky
Touka Tokyo Ghoul perfume
Tsunade Naruto, Naruto Shippūden mooring rope
Yoruichi Bleach night one
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Japanese Anime Male Dog Names

These Japanese names come from well-known manga and anime and would be fun for a Japanese breed like a Shiba Inu or any type of dog that needs a bold name.

Name Source Meaning
Aizen Bleach indigo
Alucard Hellsing
Goku Dragonball Z
Guts Berserk
Hei Darker than Black black; dark
Ichigo Bleach understanding; protect
Itachi Naruto Shippūden weasel
Kenpachi Bleach
Levi Attack on Titan
Kai Beyblade
Kakashi Naruto Shippūden scarecrow
Kazuto Sword Art Online peaceful one
Kiritsugu Fate/Zero

an heir who cuts

Light Death Note
Madara Naruto Shippūden
Natsu Fairy Tail summer
Rintarou Steins;Gate big son
Roronoa One Piece
Sesshomaru Inuyasha the desecration of the circle of life
Shigekuni Bleach
Tatsuya The Irregular at Magic High School dragon; accomplished
Vegeta Dragonball Z

Choosing a Japanese Name for Your Dog

Japanese culture is full of potential names for your dog. Research the meanings behind the names or go with a name from your favorite manga for your new puppy. Whether you own a Japanese breed or an All-American mixed breed, these names can go well with any kind of dog.

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160 Popular Japanese Dog Names With Meanings