3 Fast Ways to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking

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Is your dog driving you crazy because he won't quit barking? To find some solutions on how to deal with out-of-control barking, LoveToKnow tapped into canine savant, Cesar Milan, for three tips you can use to make your dog quiet down immediately.

1. Give Your Dog a Backpack

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Relentless barking is often due to pent up energy. To stop your dog's barking, you need to give them a job to do, namely in the form of carrying a backpack. Cesar says, "If you have a non-stop barker, you have a dog with too much pent-up energy. If she's already getting plenty of exercise through daily walks, then up the game [by having her] carry a backpack."

Known for being a great mental and physical challenge, dog backpacks are the perfect energy drainer. A walk with one of these babies will leave no energy left over for barking. You can purchase a dog backpack at a local pet supply store or at an online retailer like Ruffwear.

For a more instant fix to stop barking, throw out some obedience commands to divert your dog's energy from barking to concentrating and obeying commands.

2. Make Like a Dog

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While endless barking may be hugely frustrating, yelling at your dog to stop is about as useful as a box of frogs. To get your dog to stop barking like the end of the world was nigh, you need to get into the psyche of a dog. You have to be cool, calm and collected with it too because dogs don't follow unbalanced leaders.
According to Milan, "They only hear [yelling] as you joining in, so it encourages them to bark more. Think of how a dog gives a warning to another dog to get out of its territory - it starts with a low, very stern growl and only escalates if that doesn't work." Owners need to follow suit if they want their dogs to drop the barking ball in a flash. Instead, Milan advises trying, "... a quiet but assertive 'no', which will do more to stop your dog's barking than your loudest scream."

3. Stake Your Claim

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Got a dog that goes absolutely crazy every time he sees a particular object? Perhaps he thinks he is trying to protect you from the vacuum cleaner? Whatever the cause of his devilment, the trick here is to make him understand that it's your problem, not his.
Milan advises, "If your dog barks at a particular person, object, or situation, then step in and claim that thing as yours. Use your energy and body language to create an invisible (and silent) wall between your dog and the object he is barking at. This is sending the message, 'That isn't yours. Ignore it.'"

Be Calm and Assertive

Milan highlights the above tips should be "combined with calm, assertive energy" for maximum success. The key to dealing with your dog's barking is your thoughtful management. With a little understanding of what is causing your dog to bark and some canine know-how, you can work towards bringing a more relaxed, and less barking-prone housemate to a home near you soon!

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3 Fast Ways to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking