Avoid Strong Smelling Air Fresheners with Dogs

Kathleen Roberts
Bloodhounds have an extraordinary sense of smell.

If you enjoy air fresheners for your home, you'll appreciate this tip from Wendy Nan Rees. Before you pick your next air freshener, think about it from your dog's perspective.

Dogs Have an Amazing Sense of Smell

Did you know your dog's sense of smell is more than 100,000 times greater than your own? This is why they use dogs to find missing people. Some dogs, like Bloodhounds, actually save some of the scent they are tracking in the folds of their ears and in the folds of the skin around their neck. This helps them keep a scent with them even longer than what stays in the hairs in their nose and around their nose.

Fragrances Affect Our Dogs

Now bring the wonderful art of Aromatherapy and essential oils into the mix and our homes, and add our dogs. Boy, do we have a combo to talk about. I myself am a scent nut. I love the way things smell and essential oils and everything that goes along with them. So when I learned all this new info, you can bet I just about fell over. I still do make my all natural flea wipes, but after what I learned, I treat my dogs and my oils very differently now. I treat my entire home differently now. As I keep reminding myself, I do learn something new all the time.

I have to say, when all the new home fragrance products started to come out, I was no different than many other people. I loved some of those products until I found out that those convenient deodorizers that I had been using in my home were not necessarily the safest for my dogs. I personally love the way the new deodorizers make my home smell. They are not only sold by large supermarkets; they are sold by wonderful companies that make beautiful candles and are known for having wonderful scents. So when they came out with a way to help your home smell great all the time without having to have a candle burning all the time, I thought, "How nice". Not true I now find out!

Use Care with Fragrances

With all the nice air fresheners, my house has never smelled like four dogs. Again, not such a great idea unless I make sure all doors are open and the boys have the option to run outside and get plenty of fresh air. Thank goodness I did one thing right; I always did have the doors open and made sure they could be outside.

The point is, your dogs and my dogs have a very different sense of smell than we do, and we need to be aware of this in their care. Their sense of smell is much more sensitive than ours is, and what we find pleasant, they can find overwhelming. They do live with us and we are their caretakers. So the next time you pick up an air freshener or the oils to make some aromatherapy, check whether they can be toxic to your pets. Also, please think of Fido because he/she sure is thinking "Hey what are you doing, that sure does smell very strong!"

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Avoid Strong Smelling Air Fresheners with Dogs