Doggie Day Care and Paw Spa

Kelly Roper
Dogs can benefit from spa pampering too.

Pampering pets seems to be a growing trend as more dog lovers begin to seek out a doggie day care and paw spa to provide grooming and revitalizing services for their canine companions. Find out what one luxury Texas dog day care center has to offer.

Meet Dog Day Spa Owner Ana Pieruccetti

Ana Pieruccetti gave up her corporate world day job to follow her dream of creating a pet spa and day care that would afford dogs the kind of caring and pampering services she felt they deserved. Not content to open an ordinary grooming shop, Ana based her business model on luxury spas that cater to human clientele. The result is her fabulous Lucca Bella Doggie Spa & Boutique located in Dallas, Texas.

Ana agreed to take time out of her busy day to speak with us about what sets dog day spas apart from the average grooming shop, and why she believes our pets deserve as much attention as we might lavish on ourselves.

Interview: Doggie Day Care and Paw Spa

Ana, is there truly a difference between the average dog grooming shop and a dog day spa?

Ana Pieruccetti of Lucca Bella Doggie Spa & Boutique

Yes, I believe so. Typically, the average dog grooming shop is not focused on creating a spa-like environment within the facility, and they are not focused on minimizing the stress that some canines might experience during the grooming process. Also, the average grooming shop does not always provide additional spa services such as massages, facials, etc. They tend to focus primarily on standard grooming services.

In order to describe the difference in settings, I would use the analogy of someone who goes to an average quick-cut hair salon versus a spa that provides full hair styling and beauty services. The experience is drastically different, and the same holds true for our canine companions when it comes to going to dog day spas versus grooming salons.

In true dog day spas, the experience is geared toward creating a stress-free environment. This involves getting to know the dogs and observing their behaviors. This results in the dogs feeling more relaxed, having a positive experience and wanting to come back. The typical grooming shop is more focused on customer turn around, meaning dogs may be rushed through services in order to serve more clients on a daily basis.

Tell us about the kind of services we should look for at an authentic dog day spa.

Clients should expect to find trained, loving and experienced spa technicians on staff. Additionally, only all-natural products should be used.

The facility should be designed with the pets' safety and overall well-being in mind. Look for features like soothing music, special flooring, safe and clean kennels and lots of room for the dogs to play. The environment, personnel and products used are key. A truly authentic dog day spa should offer extra spa-like services, including fluff drying, massages, facials, "pawdicures", nail art and more.

Why do you believe it's important to pamper our pets?

Pampering our pets has many benefits, including enhancing a dog's overall well-being and relationship/bond with his or her owner. Although a veterinarian is the most qualified person to provide a medical opinion, the extra attention paid to a dog receiving spa services can help reveal potential skin, coat and muscle problems that could adversely affect that dog's health. The experience can also relieve stress for the dog, as well as enhance desired behaviors and improve social skills. All of these aspects are equally important; they give back to our companions some of the unconditional love they give us.

Most dog spas offer canine massage therapy. Is massage really therapeutic for dogs?

While massage at a dog day spa is not a substitute for a veterinary diagnosis or medical care, it does provide many benefits for our canine companions. These benefits include:

  • Relaxing and revitalizing tired muscles
  • Improving overall muscle tone
  • Enhancing joint flexibility and overall mobility
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Reducing pain caused by hip dysplasia and arthritis
  • Relieving stress and tension

Describe a "pawdicure" for us. Is it possible to carry out this service on a dog that is frightened of having his nails touched?

A pawdicure typically includes nail trimming. At Lucca Bella we take it a step further, so in addition to nail trimming we file the nails smooth. Other pawdicure services include nail "pawlish", nail art, and a paw rub/massage with pad moisturizing balm. This provides a soothing experience that may help a dog feel less fearful about his next trimming.

The term "doggie day care and paw spa" conjures up images of luxury. Does a dog owner need to be one of the rich and famous to afford these kinds of services for his or her pet?

A day spa is really geared towards the discerning dog parent who wants personalized and loving expert care for their dogs. At Lucca Bella, we focus on providing a luxurious and soothing environment for our canine-clients. However, our prices are very competitive. Our basic package is priced near $20.00, so you don't need to be a celebrity to afford the services, although we do have some rich and famous customers!

Tell us more about the spa services offered at Lucca Bella.

Lucca Bella is a canine-only day spa that provides a safe, positive and caring experience in a quality setting that is simply beyond compare. We use all natural products and have award winning stylists and experienced spa technicians to love and care for our canine clients.

Our spa service packages include:

  • Aqua di Lucca: This package includes a soothing, all-natural spa bath, ear cleansing, nail trimming and filing, anal gland expression upon request and fluff dry.
  • Ciao Bella: This spa package includes all of the services from the Acqua di Lucca, plus a light face, foot and toosh trim.
  • Lucca Luxe: This service includes everything offered in the Acqua di Lucca spa bath, plus our signature full body trim, styling and a spritz of "pawfume". Your dog will receive a dazzling haircut by our award-winning stylist.
  • Facials: Your dog will experience an all natural facial scrub that helps hydrate her skin and fur, as well as remove tear stains.
  • Pawdicures: This service includes a balm rub to keep those paw pads moisturized, and if you want the trendy new fall color nail pawlish, we have it!
  • Massage: This is our signature relaxing all body massage.
  • Airbrush/Highlighting: We can provide specialty logos and/or message airbrushing on the fur, or simply take a few years off our pet with "grey be gone". We can even make heads turn with a drastic change in color!
  • Day care: Here your dog can socialize with old pals and meet new friends.
  • Doggie Meets Décor Boutique: This is where Dallas' best dressed dogs shop. We offer everything from clothing and accessories to toys and beds. You can shop for all natural gourmet treats and food, as well as furniture and décor items for any doggie lover's home.

We understand that Lucca Bella also offers a Texas dog day care center. Tell us more about it and the admission requirements for your canine guests.

Pampered Poodles

We have two-indoor climate controlled play areas for both "Big Doggie" and "Little Doggie" day care. Both spaces are equipped with live, secured web cams and special flooring to minimize the shock to joints and muscles while the dogs are playing. We also have a secured area for outside play. Our day care admission requirements include:

  • Current on all vaccinations including but not limited to:
    • Bordatella
    • Rabies
    • DHLPP - Distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus.

All of our canine clients must be at least four months of age and spayed or neutered. Additionally, the dogs must not demonstrate any aggressive behaviors.

Thank You

We'd like to thank Ana Pieruccetti for sharing her expertise with us today. You can visit her website at

To find a dog day spa near you, check your local telephone directory.

Doggie Day Care and Paw Spa