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Traditional urn

A do it yourself pet urn can be a far more personal tribute to the passing of a treasured canine companion than any factory manufactured receptacle.

Dealing with the Loss

How do you say good-bye to your furry best friend, whose time on this earth is just too darn short? For many of us, this scenario will be repeated over the years as beloved family dogs come into our lives and leave them again.

For some of us, cremation will be the method we choose to preserve our pet's remains. Cremations can be done in groups or separately, but if you want possession of your dog's actual ashes then separate cremation is necessary.

During a cremation the body is placed in an oven known as a cremation chamber, and is fired in extremely high temperatures until there is nothing left but ashes and bone fragments. These "cremains" are then transferred to a temporary receptacle or a permanent urn, and returned to the owner.

Once you receive your pet's cremains, it is up to you to decide what to do with them.

You may choose to:

  • Place the ashes and urn in a place of honor in your home or on your property
  • Bury the ashes, either with or without the urn
  • Scatter the ashes

About Traditional Urns

Any pet cremation service you choose also sells urns, or some type of temporary container for your dog's ashes. These receptacles come in a wide variety of styles and range in price from approximately $80.00 to $400.00, depending on the size needed to hold your pet's cremains and the design chosen.While these urns are perfectly serviceable, and often quite attractive, their price can put them out of some buyers' reach. Anyone who needs to be mindful of costs can find very nice pet urns at Costco that run in the $35.00 to $80.00 range.

No matter how nice these urns are, they are still mass produced, and may seem to lack the personal touch such a close friend deserves.

The Do It Yourself Pet Urn

In order to take a more personal approach to preserving your dog's cremains, you might want to consider having a customized memorial created by a do it yourself pet urn retailer.

Companies like this give you a variety of options to personalize your dog's final resting place.

Vessels can be customized with your pet's:

  • Name
  • Birth and death dates
  • Dog pictures
  • Dog tags
  • Favorite toy

Many companies will also let you add let you add a favorite verse, quote or prayer to the design.

Create Your Own Pet Urn

Create your own urn

While the do it yourself idea allows you to customize your pet's urn without having to put the work into it with your own hands, for some, nothing else will do but to make our pet's urn ourselves. This may mean getting involved by actually constructing the vessel or it could mean selecting a container to convert into an urn. It all depends on the amount of work and creativity you care to put into the project.

Here are a few ideas to consider.

  • If you're competent in woodworking, you can create a handcrafted wooden box to hold your pet's cremains. You might consider using a wood burning tool to etch your pet's name and \other embellishments on the lid.
  • If you have a talent for creating pottery, you might consider creating a covered vase or bell jar to use as a pet urn. You can really get into customizing the piece by using various glazes and free hand designs.
  • If your crafting skills are not as specialized, you might even consider starting your project with a large cigar box. You can paint it or decoupage over it, and then finish it off with a polyurethane sealer. In fact, you can convert a number of scrapbooking techniques to embellish the box, as long as you seal the final design for durability. Your only challenge will be finding a box big enough to hold all the cremains.

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